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3 white dots boy or girl

hi i just went for my 14 half weeks ultrasound my first and well i asked her if she could tell me if its a girl or boy and she said not right now more during 18-20 weeks is a better time and then i got some ultrasound pictures and brought it home to show my boyfriend that would of just got home from work and he noticed these 3 white dots and he said their are the balls and the penis thats how the dots were positioned 1 white dot and then their is under it 2 white dots but ive been reading that dots or lines mean its a girl but yet i dont know i think my boyfriend might be right i would just like to know what you guys think it is.. I get the find out Sep 20th but i cant wait lol .. im excited ill be happy whether its a boy or girl their will be no different love.. but i just also want to know if thats happened to any of you were you seen 3 white dots positioned like that and what it ended up being.. it would be great thanks also for reading this appreciate your time !! everyone pregnant out there goodluck and best wishes thanks again.
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I got my u/s at 13 weeks and the white dots were definitely a girl. The technician said it was her labia. I've since had more u/s and yep, it's still a girl. Gosh I know how you feel..can't wait to know... good luck!!
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14 weeks is very early, I'm not sure you can even tell that early honestly. Also, I doubt that the dots are the babies testicles if it is a boy. The testicles don't drop for a while still. Its probably wise to wait until your 18-20 week u/s to get a better answer. Remember you've got a 50/50 chance eitehr way.
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Yikes, I don't know if I would speculate :) If 3 dots meant boy, I'm sure the tech would say "Those 3 dots are a sign of a boy" :)
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I had an u/c at 13 weeks and there was 3 white lines/dots and the dr said it was a girl. I went last week at 17 weeks and the white lines were still there and they said definitely a girl. She gave me a picture of her girly parts. But 14 weeks is early.
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3 white "lines" usually mean a girl. I've never heard of "dots" they always say lines and and when it's a girl it will represent how a cheesburger looks! I wouldn't try to figure it out, if they could see it they would've said something. A lot of times you notice things on u/s's that are just "there" and mean absolutely nothing! You're just gonna have to wait it out! And most ppl will go more by the heartbeat and swear that a girls is higher and boys is lower. My girls have always been higher and boys have been lower but this is not a sure way to tell, or else they wouldn't have the need for an u/s to detect what the sex is. But hey it's fun guessing!
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its very early yet to distinguish on part from another so i would wait til at least 18 weeks to get psyched up for one sex or another.
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