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36 weeks pregnant

I am 36 weeks pregnant is there anything that I coul do to go into labor sooner. I have two more weeks before they induce me but I want to hold my baby soon.
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At 36 weeks, your baby is still preterm.  So the short answer is no, there is nothing you can or should do to hasten the birth before the baby reaches full term.

There are a host of problems that the "near term" infant can have, and some can be serious.

Hang in there.  You'll have your baby soon enough.  
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Pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks for a reason.  
Why in the world would you want to jepordize the health of your baby? Makes no sense to me.
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I just don't get this.  You are holding your baby.  

The thing about motherhood is,  the baby's needs need to come before the mother's wants.  Your want to see this baby pales in comparison to your baby's need for more gestation time.  

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hey hon!!  i understand that you want to hold your baby and that you are getting anxious. but the baby is gonna come when its good and ready. just relax and enjoy your pregnancy.
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You're lucky you're even  getting induced in two weeks.   I am also just about 36 weeks pg (saturday i will be) and my dr will not talk to me about inducing me.  
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I know its hard to believe, but there will come a day when you miss being pregnant. So ENJOY it. Even though it is miserable sometimes, pregnancy is a miracle. It is precious time that you can never have back again. Time FLIES by. Don't wish each beautiful miracle of each precious day away!!! :)
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jenny you are so right.  you should enjoy feeling those kicks and hiccups as much as you can :)    ~d
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my little one was born at 36 weeks. she had many feeding problems due to being so early. she was also skin and bones. relax and know that every day the baby stays in you, she gets another day to become stronger and healthier. why are you being induced 2 weeks early? just so you can hold the baby? i hope there's a genuine medical reason...
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I'm surprised your doc. will induce 2 weeks early.  Mine will not even think about it until you are only 6 days early.  I am being induced as well but only 6 days early and it's because I have a child with special needs at home who has a feeding tube, nebulizer, etc. and I need to have family who know how to care for him in town (we have NO family here) to help with him.  So, I'm actually praying mine stays in until then and that I don't go early. Plus, I know this is our last and so I am enjoying being pregnant as you really will miss that feeling when you aren't pregnant. Those little kicks and the rolls that hurt now will be thoroughly missed when your belly is empty.
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