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3D/4D Ultrasound

I am scheduled for a 4D utrasound on Feb. 23. Has anyone had this done?
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We did.  Ours was at 27 weeks and worth every penny!  It is amazing the detail and hcaracteristics you will see.  I definitely reccomend it!  When are you due?
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I had it done around 23 weeks, but since the baby is still small and skinny, you can't see much on 4d. I have another one coming up which I scheduled for Jan 15th. I'll be 31w 4d, so I'm hoping this time I'm able to see his face better :). Since you are getting it done closer to your 30th week, you should be able to see her face :) good luck
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Oh I forgot to mention that my insurance covered the whole thing!
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I am due May 14th
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How exciting! I just scheduled my C-section for the 14th of May!
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ive had them done at 3 different stages of my pregnancy. once for gender, one for the enjoyment, and my most recent was last week when i was 30w1d to get a more better picture. each time i got printed out photos, around 6-7 video clips, as well as cd's with over 100 photos, and with this last one i purchased an even bigger package that came with the same as before, but this time it included an actual 25 min dvd recording, with my personal music playing in the background. just my luck that day he was very active, so i got a whole show. its amazing! you can check my journal to view some pics that i have posted. there a great keepsake, and well worth the money spent each time.
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