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3D/4D ultrasounds

I want to have a 3D/4D ultrasound that shows incredible images of your baby. I'm now at week 21. I was concerned about risks and read it's no different that regular 2D ultrasound in your doctor's office, but research talks about risks with numerous ultrasounds in general (regardless of which kind). I already have had 4 or 5 already b/c of concerns with previous miscarriages and screening tests b/c I'm over 35 (so with nucheal transluceny and amnio), but wonder if it's reckless to have yet another ultrasound (the 3D one) just for fun and not medical reasons. Again, it's the same effect on the fetus but the question is -- is it bad to have one when not medically necessary?? Has anyone done it or considered doing it now? I know the sex of the baby, which is one reason women don't seem to want the ultrasound.
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I have been pregnant 8 times and have 4 kids and I had a regular ultrasound at every appointment. My Dr. told me that there is nothing to worry about. And with my last baby, it was a high risk pregnancy and had to have the 3D ultrasound once a month for the first half and then every 2 weeks and then once a week for the last 6 weeks. And she said that is't perfectly safe. I would go ahead and get one. They are amazing!! If you are still worried about it, talk to your regualar Dr. or the Dr. that will be giving it to you and talk about the risk. One tip, make sure you eat something to wake up the baby so he/she moves around a lot. and most places will let you bring a video tape so you can tape it. I have 3 videos of the different stages. It's really cool!
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Ok, thanks. Good to hear a positive experience with this.
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My doctor did a ultrasound in week 13 and with the same piece of equipment took a 3D foto.  So at that visit I got normal U/S photo and two 3D ones.  We really really liked seeing the 3D ones!  At week 17, I had another ultrasound but just a normal one which came out good too!  

My doctor said that there were optimal times in the development to do 3D photos so you should maybe make sure you ask your doctor about which part of the pregnancy she would recommend you getting one done.
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