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#3...We will need it!!!

blondie72.....Where do you live????
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Emma I am in Northwest Indiana about an hour from Chicago.   Hopefully moving in a couple months and will only be about 20 min from Chitown.  I love it there.  I wish I could get there more.  So much more to do there.  They have an American girl doll store I am dying to get to.

Nanakay - I wanted to thank you for giving me a little history lesson on Cinco de Mayo.  I did not realize it was their Independence day.   So it really is a pretty big day for the people of Mexico.  Well again I wanted to thank you for that info.   Hope you all have a great day.
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Sorry im using this thread..

my f doc had indicated about giving me  supplements on next pregnancy.. im just wondering how soon should they need to start it, cuz my own specialist is hard to reach and even last time when i had m/c on 17 April/04  they were least helpful except for cycle monitoring she didnt even has told me about prenatals and stuff. so im in a limbo, we r trying now adays and i feel that im ovulating, all major symptoms and discharge..do u guys think i should call my family doc..she is very nice and very helpful.
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I'm wondering if any of you have any experiences with anterior placenta's? I'm 22+5 weeks along and at a recent ultrasound I was told the placenta was low lying and anterior. My usual OB rushed me through my following appointment and told me as usual without even looking at my chart that everything was normal/fine and he'd see me again in 6 weeks. I'm switching docs because this is how all his appointments seem to go lately - waiting room for an hour, two minute appointment and no time for my questions - but that's another story completely. I did some peeking around the internet and there's a lot of conflicting (and scary) information so I was curious about personal experiences. I also have a history of preterm labor (started dilating at 30 weeks with DD) and was wondering if this may be throwing me into preterm labor even earlier. I'm already on bedrest because of contractions (started 2 weeks ago) and see new doc tomorrow to discuss cervical cerclage - any info on any above concerns would be much appreciated. HELLLLPPPP!!! I'm going crazy with worry about this baby!!!

BTW I saw the name posts yesterday and wanted to respond but site wouldn't let me. DD's name is Callista Marie - we call her Callie for short (she would have been Mason Joseph if a boy). This baby would have been named Ava Judith if a girl but ultrasound confirmed he's going to be an Ashton John - I'm all for Manhattan whoever suggested it - DH and I both have common names (Jessica and Richard) and having multiple kids in the same class with the same name stunk. If you're worried about it being too unique, give a common middle name they can use if they start getting teased.
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Hey everyone, I'm back from my doctors appt today. I thought they would do another u/s to check the baby's position (that is what the midwife said) but they didn't. The dr. just felt around and said he could feel the curvature of the head "DOWN"........YEA!!!!!!!! Looks like my little guy turned around all by him little self.
I know, I know, he could turn back just as easy.......shhhhhhh...maybe he doesn't know that!!!!!!!!!
I will be going in every week now until I deliver.......so hopefully only two more visits.

Chevyjewel--I found this about the anterior placenta.......
Think of your uterus as a large hollow pear made of muscle. The pear is upside down (stalk down) in your pelvis. The side nearest your spine is called the posterior wall, the side next to your tummy muscles is called the anterior wall and the top of the uterus (or the bottom of the pear) is called the fundus.
In most pregnancies, the placenta is implanted on the back wall (posterior). In your case, it is situated on the front wall (anterior). This is unusual, but not unheard of. It is certainly nothing to worry about.

When you go for your next antenatal check up, I would make sure you have a chat with your midwife or doctor. You can then ask them to explain the exact position of your placenta, and whether this might have any effect on your labour and delivery.

It did also say that chances are you will have to have a c-section and that the exact location of the placenta will determin if it will be a usual horizontal incision or if it will be the less common vertical one. Hope this helps!!!!!!

I wanted to ask you also.........why is your dr. seeing you every 6 weeks?????? This just seems weird to me, I've always been seen once a month until around 36 or 37 weeks. Good luck to you!!!!!

Christie--Good for you, go and spend some of that money you are making......I feel like you do sometimes.......I feel like I am the only responsible one trying to save money and not overspend on things.......Hubby is always buying something.....Chainsaw.....weedeater.......riding lawnmower......those three things within a week and a half timeframe.......I'm about to just give up. I hate to say much because I'm not working right now but what the Army pays him isn't near enough to be able to just go and splurge on anything you 'think you need' at any given time.
Top that off with his 19 year old (step daughter from his first marriage) moving in with us......she doesn't work or go to school and she eats more than hubby and I put together and is always snacking and everytime we go to the store she is wanting something and oh.......she brought her Rott with her who eats about 50 pounds of dog food in two weeks time.......
My exact words..........
"I'll be damned if I'm going to go back to work full time leaving my new baby with some stranger all day so she can sleep 'till noon and then do nothing but watch tv all day......."

Also, I read your post from the other day about not wanting to go through another divorce.....I know how you feel there too....This is my 3rd marriage and I'm only 29; but I'm so much happier now....I know I didn't sound like it in the last paragraph.....LOL. But I really am......the problems I have now are minor fixes!!!!! Hang in there and do what you feel you have to do, remember, YOUR happiness is what is important.
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I know about a week ago I said I was not coming back here again. Well I am sorry for venting to everyone. It was just not a good month of April. I found out I was losing my job. Which I carry the insurance in the family, my husband's pay got cut $6300 a year. This is my last day of work so I don't know if I will be coming back now or not.I just want to wish everyone good luck and hope everything turns out good for you all. I will try to come back to see all the new baby stories. If anyone wants to email me at ***@****. I am going to miss coming here and hearing about everyones stories.
OH by the way Kassi, my oldest son's name is Austin and it is very common here in Indiana. He has 3 Austin's in his class this year. And I had no chose on what I was naming Michael. He is named after his dad. I like Maxwell or Marcus and if he was a girl it was going to be Megan Ann or Amber May.
Well talk to you all later. Bye bye. xoxoxoxo
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Long story short, my husband is adopted.  His parents that raised him does not know that he has researched whom his biological parents are.  Now we are not for sure if we should put the biological information down in the baby book or go with what his adoptive parents have raised him as.  No big deal, doesn't look like any specific heritage, but I do want the baby to know what his heritage is.  I'm afraid that if we put the biological information in (incl. his birth parents names) his adoptive Mom would accidentally find it and it would just tear her (and his dad) to pieces.  They are the BEST people in the world and I wouldn't want to do that to them.  Maybe two books are the answer?  Putting the adoptive info down for now and changing/updating it later?  What to you all think??? Any other suggestions?
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Great news about the baby!  All right!

Talk about spending....we have 7, that's right, SEVEN motorcycles.  6 of which haven't been ridden in a year.  Can you guess who bought them?  The last one was bought when guess who made a "quick trip" back to NC "to fix something at the house".  I knew nothing about it.  "But it's a collectors item!"

sheesh...I am still fuming....we have exactly $329 dollars to last until the 15th.  I AM SO SICK OF THIS!!!!!!
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My ex husband was like that. He used to trick me into getting things in my name though. I was young and stupid and did it. He eventually had to claim bankruptcy...HA HA! he is still stuck with the bills from our marriage (non-dischargeable)which ended several years ago. It's a tough situation! He would threaten me with divorce if I didn't let him buy something every other day it seemed. I always caved until the one day, I gave him the divorce. It's a financial nightmare to live through. One thing I did was open another checking/savings and would take small amounts of money and hide it so when I left, I would be okay. It's sneaky and dishonest, but you really need to look out for you! I'm sorry that you have to go through this = (

Would it upset his adoptive parents if they knew he did the research? I say add them both if you can. As far as medical history goes, I would think it's important to add the biological parents for that reason. If it would cause hurt feelings, go with two books. Just my opinion.

Hugs to all,
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MOMTTC....OR ANYONE that gets these blood tests drawn on a monthly basis or when needed.....I got mine drawn again today, the last time was in Febuary and my OB/GYN did it. This time I asked my primary care to do it (not that it matter's who does it, its a friggin army hospital!) but how long does it normally take for test result's for something like that...does anyone know when they usually got them back? I am on day 22....That would be WAY to early for a pregnancy test too...right? LOL I have been through 4 pregnancies with 2 living children and I am asking a pregnancy test question @@
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Whooooooo, all I can do is take a deep breathe now. Everything is fine. I am soosososososososososososososos relieved. I am so excited now. OMG, I can't tell you how I felt before I went into the room. She was running a half hour late. I was numb and just about ready to faint. As soon as she started the u/s, I asked "Is there a heartbeat", she said yup! I was ready to kiss the face off of her. The heart rate was 171 and the baby was moving it's little arms around, it was so cool. Laying on it's back. I so wish DH could have been there. I have two little pictures to show him. He will be there for the next one, in 2 months. Unless my doc sends me for another one sooner.

Thanks AGAIN for all the support! I have to go make another phone call.

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I am glad everything looks so good.  See I told you not too worry.  Maybe now you will start to relax a little bit more.  I know probably not.  (LOL)  Just remember that the chances of having a m/c after seeing the heartbeat is only like 5%-10%.  So I think you should start feeling more positive that this baby is going to stick around with you.  Again I am sooo happy that things look good.   Suzie
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YEAH! That is GREAT news! Now, we just need to find a way to calm you down for the next two months...lol! Congrats! I posted to you about Chloe on the other open forum. Can't wait to hear what DH says when he sees the pics!

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Yeah Capermom!  I'm so glad you can relax now with your wonderful news.  You should go take a really long nap and catch up on some lost sleep.  My dr. told me that once you hit 8 weeks and show a strong heart beat your chance of m/c drops to 3%.  So RELAX NOW!!  ENJOY IT!! Everything is going to be just fine.   (:  Katy
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Fantastic!  Now breathe easy and RELAX!!!!!  Enjoy your pregnancy!

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LOL--I'm already doing that!  Great minds think alike.
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Im so happy for you!  Congrats.. cant wait to hear about DH seeing the pics!! I bet it must have been amazing!  Good luck to you!
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Here is a website I found that tells about BPM and risk of miscarriage...it made a lot of ladies on my other forum feel a lot better and I hope it does you too...according to it and what you said your baby's bpm were, your miscarriage risk drops to less than 10%. Congratulations! :o)
Here is the website: http://my.webmd.com/content/article/44/3608_688?src=Inktomi&condition=Being_Pregnant
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YAY!!!!!  See we all told you not to worry.  Now try to relax with this pg if you can.   You got to see the little baby move isn't that the greatest thing???   When I had my last u/s about a month 1/2 ago my little guy was moving it's mouth like it was saying mamamama ( at least I told DH he was saying mama ) the u/s tech said Oh look he is chewing something.  I thought what in the world can he chew on in there???  I was cracking up.   Well good luck with the rest of your 8 months or so.
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Capermom-What did I tell you? You worried yourself sick over nothing!! :) Hug your belly and tell that little peanut we are all cheering him/her on!!!

Angel4-Great News that your little guy turned! Hot DOG! Now why exactly doesn't your step-daughter have a job? I guess your Dh isnt onefor tough love huh? (i.e.  you contribute to the house expense as long as you are able bodied) I mean, feeding his daughter is one thing, but for her to bring yet a second mouth in the home to feed ESPECIALLY when she is offering nothing financially is completely disrespectful. My Dh's Boss and his girlfriend are going through the same thing. She is 24 and his daughter is 18 and a drop out. The girlfriend is taking it hard because they don't get along at all(despite her efforts)and the only time they see the DD is when she wants money. I feel for you, hon! Hop eit works out before you get that sweet baby in the house! The last thing you need is stress when you are a new mommy!!
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Hey girls,
Just took a test. I couldn't resist. I AM PREGNANT!! I am so happy.
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WOW!!!!!!!! What fantastic, great, wonderful news!!!!!!

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Congrats! What day are you on in your cycle?
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Congrats!  Wish my past 3 tests would tell me something lol!  Mebbe like where my AF disappeared to?!  She just decided to go on vacation and be fashionably late this month I guess!!!  But great news for you!
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