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4 1/2 month old with constant snotty nose and cough

Good morning!  My little guy (20 weeks 2 days old) constantly has a snotty nose and cough with phlemn.  I took him to the doctor for this about 2 months ago and he was given medicine that I gave him until it was gone.  He would get better for a few days and then it would gradually come back.  It would go away and come back.  Now, he has had it for about a week and I have been waiting for it to go away but it has not.  He has a snotty nose (especially in the morning) and coughs alot.  Any suggestions?
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He's probably just teething or if the phlegm is clear, the poor little guy might have allergies.  I would only worry if it was a REALLY bright fluorescent green, then he might have an infection.

Good luck!

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Sorry I'm not so good with the babies as they get older!

I would just give the ped a call and see what they say about it.  Has it really been 20 weeks???  Where is the time going??
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Well, he really doesnt cough it up.  If he does, he immediatly swallows it.  His runny nose is clear.  I just feel like he is miserable.  His little cough is pitiful :(.  I am waiting on the nurse to call me back now.
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I had called the pedi just before I posted.  I know all the ladies here know just about everything to do with the common happenings of babies, but I still like to consult a good old fashioned pediatrician.  It has been that long.  :(  It makes me sad.  He is rolling all over the place and chattering away in his own little language!  He even walked around in a walker this past weekend!
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Sounds like what my DS (7 yrs) had when he was a baby, turned out to be allergies.
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Allergic to what?  A girl I work with said her daughter (6 weeks older than my son) started having this and was allergic to her formula.  He has been on the formula way longer than he has been like this.  Is it possible that he is allergic to the dog and it waited until 13 weeks to show up?  How do we determine if it is allergies and what he is allergic to?
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Believe it or not, dog allergies are very uncommon.  Cat allergies are much, much more common.  And I'm not just saying that b/c I'm a dog person!

Something about dander, dogs have a different type, kind, amount, whatever...I just know my allergist said it is actually quite rare to be allergic to dogs, although some people may tell you differently.

Wish I could be more help.  I do think you can develop milk or formula allergies after you've been on them for a while.  I don't know if they manifest themselves by nasal stuffiness.  I know I'm badly allergic to fall type pollens and allergens, not so much to spring and summer allergens.  

Allergies are so hard to pin down.  Good luck!
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Thanks for the comments.  I just spoke with the nurse and the doctor wants me to bring him in so he can listen to his chest.  I hope we can get over this little cold!  :(
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He was allergic to cats.
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Well, he has an ear infection in both ears.  He has not cried or anything.  The doctor was glad I brought him in.  I am so glad I did also.  We have medicine for 10 days and then we go back to doc.  Thanks for all the comments.
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Maura just had an ear infection last week. With her too she didm't cry so I also had no idea !  They told me it was from teething.
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At that age they are still getting used to the enviroment and haven't biult up enough resistance like we have after constant exposure. I would worry about if it included a fever and any discoloration in the phlim. Allergies are very common in the first year and are usually grown out of.

Hope this helps

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OK, as I stated earlier it was an ear infection in both ears and we have medicine.  Now, my problem is getting him to swallow the medicine.  He has to take 5ml twice a day.  Well it comes in a bottle with no squirter or anything.  So, I got a dropper from an old bottle and washed it and decided to use it.  I have to do 5 drops to get the correct amount.  Any suggestions on how to get him to swallow it?  It took both DH and myself to give it to him last night and we had to hold his mouth shut like you do when you give puppies medicine.  My mom suggested I mix it with bananas.  Do you think that will work?
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My 4 1/2 month old son has been coughing for a couple of weeks also. It started for a little bit and stopped and it came back again and It gets worst at night. We brought him to his pediatrition and he diagnosed it first as RSV. The only meds he prescribed was to nebulize with albuterol and budeneside. We have been nebulizing now for a couple of weeks and he doesn't seem to get any better. We told the pediatrition that it was not improving and he said that it takes a while before it stops. He said to give it about 6-8 weeks. We are still waiting...but I'm worried it might be croup or the wooping cough. I know your post was dated way back in 2005 but I'll let you know if anything else was diagnosed or if it stops.
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Diagnostic Findings
-Wheezing:a high-pitched whistling sound produced during breathing out
-Rapid breathing with a rate of over 40 breaths/minute
-Tight breathing(your child has to push the air out)
-Coughing, often with very sticky mucus
-Onset of lung symptoms often preceded by fever and a runny nose
-An average of 6 months, always less than 2 years
-Symptoms similar to asthma

The wheezing is caused by a narrowing of the smallest airways in the lung (bronchioles). This narrowing results from inflammation(swelling) caused by any of a number of viruses, usually the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). RSV occurs in epidemics almost every winter. Whereas infants with RSV develop bronciolitis, children over 2 years of age and adults just develop cold symptoms. This virus is found in nasal secretions of infected individuals. It is spread by sneezing or coughing at a range of less than 6 feet or by hand-to-nose or hand-to-eye contact. Therefore, if you have other children in the home who go to a large day care or school, your baby will take longer to get over the coughing and coughing because of the constant germs and virus that are brought home from the older children from schools. People do not develop permanent immunity to the virus.
The most commom complication of bronchiolitis is an ear infection, occuring in some 20% of infants. Bacterial pneumonia is an uncommon complication. Only 1% ir 2% if children with bronchiolitis are hospitalized because they need oxygen or intravenous fluids. In the long run, approximately 30% of the children who develop bronchiolitis go on to develop asthma which is very treatable with current medications.
Treatments I've been giving my infant along with nebulizing is giving him warm liquids which usually relaxes the airway and loosen the secretions. Coughing spasms are often caused by sticky secretions in the back of the throat.

We've gone back a couple times to have him checked because there was still no change in him for a while. I've asked the Pediatrician if it may be allergy to milk based formulas. So we've switched to soy formula but there was still no change in his coughs. We switched him back to his original milk based formula. We've asked if it could've been pet allergies and we asked if they could run an allergy test on our baby but the pediatrician said that he's too young for the test. They don't test unless the infant is severely sick. He's been coughing over a month now. He never had any fevers. He would still eat normally. He doesn't cough when he is asleep. But we noticed that it gets worst at night. I hear these things occur around the time of October- March.
My now 5 month old is just now getting over the coughing spells. He doesn't cough as much. I reassure you that it will get better. We felt sorry for our little one but don't fret.
It is hard for pediatricians these days to prescibe just any medication to an infant under 1 year old. Our pediatrician still recommendeds that he should only nebulize with the albuterol and the budenoside. He also prescibed a prescription medicine called C-Phen DM. It is used for congestion. Other than that, I don't think doctors could really prescribe anything for the constant coughing.
I hope this message helps! =)
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