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5 Week Pregnancy & Blood Levels

I went yest. for a vagina sonogram and could not see a gest. sac, but thickening of the uterus.  I just received my progrestron level and was 14.2 and HCG 1747.  Is this normal ranges for being 5weeks2days?  I going in for a 2nd HCG level tomorrow.  I have a history of miscarriages at 5-6 weeks, really scared.   Is it also normal not to see anything on sonogram with this level?  I had a very full bladder and have read, need to be empty, does that make a difference during vagina sono.  Sorry for the all the questions, this took us 4 yrs to conceive so I think nurses and dr. are getting sick of me too.  I can't get answers from them to easy, without 2nd hcg level and then I will not know til Monday, since weekend approaching.  Been on edge all weekend, normally take prednoise to support preg. and have took it early at 4 weeks with my other two children.  Thanks
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that sounds really good. good luck
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at 5 weeks with me they saw no sac but my hcg levels were really good, 900 I think they were

so I had anote hcg after 48 hours and it had more than doubled to over 2000 :)

So I had a scan at 6 weeks and saw a little sac but no baby yet

At 8 weeks I had another scan and saw sac, baby, yolk sac & haertbeat !!

I am 10 weeks now and next scan is at 13 weeks :)

good luck !!
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Thanks!  That help knowing that!  I just a nervous wreck, hate the waiting game.  Wish sometimes we could speed up to 2nd trim. and then some of the worry behind us.  :)

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Are they going to put you on progesterone?  My doctor said that 15 and above was good so yours might be a tiny bit low.  With my good pregnancy I had progesterone at 25 (with my early miscarriage before that it was 15 -- don't know if there's a correlation or not).  Not telling you to scare you because your hcg looks really good...you just might want to ask your doc about it.
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Just received my HCG levels they more then double was 1746 Wednesday and Friday went to 4327.  Nurse said that was excellent!  I so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still say a prayer to God to make this pregnancy work and everything go great daily.

I did ask the dr. about my progestron he said he was pleased with that number and the normal range for 5-6 weeks was 12-20.  Next Wednesday go in for another sono, at 5 weeks didn't see fetus, but hoping to see something Wed. should be exactly 6 weeks then.  Baby dust to all!
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Hi there,

I went for my first u/s last Tuesday and I though going by my LMP that I was almost 6 weeks, but the doctor could not see anything on my u/s except the sac. She said there is a 50% chance I might miscarry. We go back tomorrow, and I'm very concerned. I just hope we see something tomorrow. Good luck everyone. It's good to hear all of the stories, they give me hope that it could've just been too early.
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