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6 Days late, Brown spotting still BFN?

I have had brown spotting now for 6 days and my period was due last Wednesday. I have never had brown spotting before and my period is normally regular and heavy. We are trying to concieve so there is a chance i could be pregnant, however, I have been testing with hpt for the 6 days now that I am overdue and i have only had negative  results. Has anyone else had this and found that they were pergnant? I am having a blood test tomorrow.
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It could be an infection/stress/hormonal imbalance causing the spotting, and delay in period. TTC is VERY stressful, I know! If you were pregnant you'd most likely be getting positive HPT's by now. Good luck!
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The brown spotting could have been your period--hard to say.  Even if its never happened to you before, there is a first time for everything.   Many, many women have had an occasional "odd" period like that at least once in their lives.

The blood test will tell you for sure.  Good luck!
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I just had an odd period like this-  I had some brown spotting mid cycle and then brown spotting this past weekend when I was suppose to have my period-  I however am not TTC and I am hoping the ONE time I actually had sex with DH was at the wrong time...  :)  best of luck to you in TTC!!  It is stressful and could account for your "off" period....  
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im 6 days late and feel really sick ive just started to get pink bits wen i wipe plus i was sick last night and have started to get acied could i be pregnant even thought a hpt said i was not?
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There is a possibility that you could be pregnant. When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn't test positive on a upt for 2 months, I had done a HCG blood draw, and it came back 14 HCG. I was told that was not pregnant, but after 1 month, I received an ultrasound and BAM!! my little nugget was in there. I was 9 weeks. Every woman body is different, not everybody is going to test positive with urine. It is all hormones and how fast they multiply each few days. Best of luck hon!! And don't compare yourself to others, every womans body is different!!
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