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6 Week Sonogram

Hi everyone!  Does anyone know if you should definitely hear a heartbeat at 6 weeks?  My husband and I go next friday for our first visit and we are so scared and excited.  I will be so relieved after this is over and the Dr says everything is ok!  Also, does anyone know if caffiene is really bad to have during pregnancy?  I just ate a snickers and started worrying about it!
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Congratulations!!!  Don't worry yourself to death, I am sure your sonogram will go great.  I don't know if they can see a heartbeat at 6 weeks or not.  We couldn't see one at 4 weeks, with my 1-yr-old, but he was fine.

Don't worry about the Snickers!  If chocolate were bad for the baby, I don't think there would be nearly as many babies in the world as there are!  I actually think chocolate is one of the five food groups.  Meat, vegetables, grains, fruits, and CHOCOLATE!  :)  I think a Coke is worse than a Snickers.  It is probably good not to overindulge in any form of caffeine though.  I hope this helps!
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hi, i did see a heartbeat the tech actually had to point it out but i dont think you will hear it for several more weeks, i never did till about 13 to 16 weeks with my son and daughter. but dont worry if oyu dont , you are still very early, with the last sonogram it was a pelvic, i dont know if that makes a difference
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Well, it's too early to HEAR a heartbeat, but you might SEE one. :)  6 weeks may be a bit early even for that though, so don't panic if one isn't seen.  Also, caffeine is approved for pregnant women up to 300 mgs a day (3 cups of coffee) so you certainly didn't over do with your Snicker's bar.

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By my calculations I was 6 weeks and a few days when we saw the heartbeat. How far along are you now and did you see a heartbeat?
Some people don't always see it that early. So even if I hadn't  seen it I would of given the little guy more time to grow.
Good Luck:)
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Oops. You said you weren't going til friday. Let us know what the dr says.
Good luck, again:)
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I was 6 wks, 4 days the day I had my ultrasound. I could see the heartbeat and I was also able to hear it!!  It was awesome!!  Good luck... let us know what you find out!!
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