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6 week ultrasound....It went

GREAT!!  According to the ultrasound the baby measured 6W 1D (this was on saturday) but by my LMP I was 6W 4D.   So she said 3 days isnt bad at all.  We got to see and hear the little heartbeat...it was 121bpm!!  She said that was great!  The baby is only 5mm long.  So very very tiny.  I am hoping this means the m/c rate has dropped some?!?!  Does anyone know??  Anyway just wanted to let everyone know how things went.

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Congrats, Steph! That's great! Hope this helps to ease your fears just a little bit! :)
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I am so glad that everything is great so far..

as far as the h/b~m/c thing goes.. i dont buy it.  I saw my baby's heart beating nice and strong at 8 weeks then at 10 weeks my baby was gone.. SOOO i am an exception to "the rule".  I am almost 16 weeks preggo and i still dont feel out of the woods..

I am sending extra sticky dust your way girl!!  I am so happy for you..

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Congrats Stephd!  I am so happy for you!
As for heart beat, I don't think it's a true indication.  But once you reach 12 weeks and have a good heartrate then your M/C rate drops to under 3%.  
Good Luck!
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I know after 12 weeks the m/c rate drops considerably.  I am still relieved to know it has a heartbeat!  This means its ok to me.  Cause the last 2 times I m/c there was nothing there at my u/s.  The first time just a sac and the 2nd time there was nothing at all.  I was already passing it!  SO I am glad to see that!
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well there you go.. :-)  you know in your heart that you are going to be a mom of 2 in less than 8 months.. Troy will have a baby brother or sister just as cute as he is.
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I cant wait to be a mom of 2.  I hear its a hard transition but I can handle it.  Troy tells me he wants a sister and he rubs my belly and kisses it already.  I told him that before long when he does that he is going to get a kick in the lips....LOL...HA HA!  He is so funny.  He will be 3 when this one is born.  I am due on March 13 or 16.  Depending which date you go by.  

Should I be counting from my LMP??  I think so huh?
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