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6weeks prego

hello everyone!!! im scared can someone please help or give me HOPE! found out i was pregnant at 3weeks my lmp was 1/26/16.... prior to this pregnacy ive had 2 prior MC ,,, i went to doctor last week because i was bleeding with cloths very heavy doctor did US and they seen sac but nothing in there at 5weeks my doctor assured me that i had misscarried ... this bleeding has been going on for 2weeks now so i  went for another ultra sound yesterday 3/22/2016 which now they seee fetal pole and said im 6weeks 0days im scared and want this baby more then anything is it possible to be miscarrying but baby still growing ?????? pPLEASE HELP I NEED ANSWERS
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This will be a bit of a mystery until they can see a baby in there with a beating heart,  Mommy.  From your last period you should be 8 weeks 1 day pregnant today,  (you count back to your period,  so you get two "free" weeks at the beginning of your pregnancy.  With a normal period,  the day your period is due you are considered 4 weeks pregnant.  Confusing,  I know).

So it sounds like there is a chance you miscarried in there somewhere and then got pregnant again.

Once they are able to see a heartbeat,  dating the pregnancy will be easier and more reliable.

Best wishes.

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