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7wks and can't stop thinking the worst

I feel like I come on here to complain all of the time but I am just really scared. I will be 7wks tomorrow and can't help but worry all of the time. I am 38, had 2 mc last May and Sept. I am preganant, happy to be pregnant and have tried so hard to be positive. Other then today, I have had really bad morning, noon and night sickness which i know is a good thing. My levels were good when as of Last Monday and I have an app't on Thursday with the OB. I know this is going to sound silly but I watched The Secret a week or so ago and want to believe if I put off good thoughts and feelings I will in return have good things happen to me. I am really working on thsi because I tend to be negative. All I think about is miscarrying. I don't want to but I am so scared. Today I am only alittle queasy but yesterday I was throwing up all day. I also am cramping today but have cramped on and off. What can I do to calm down. I know I have no controlover what might or might not happen.
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Hi sweety,dont know if you read my post but im exactly the same,i dont think i will stop worrying until the baby is here,im goner go for my scan tomorow il be 8 weeks 1 day and if all is well,ill buy a doppler,ive been told you can hear the heartbeat as early as 8 weeks,hope everything goes well for you hunny,look after yourself.
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hey darling... i was exactly the same.. i read my journal the other day and all ive wrote is completely negative thoughts and things that happened to me in this pregnancy,, its completely normal to think the worst after a miscarriage.,.. im 23 weeks now and i still cant feel positive until i hold this baby in my arms.

are they checking your progesterone levels and everything??
i made the docs check everything and every hormone until i was 20 weeks... they must have hated me at the hospital....lol
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I had two mc last year as well, May 1 and Oct 21.  Now I am 17 weeks.  I still have bad days, am anxious all the time.

HOwever, I am trying to walk in faith and believe that this is the child God has promised me and that this baby will come at full term perfectly healthy.

Your worries are normal.
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I so appreciate all of your support. All of sudden I am wondering if it is going to go away because ihad so wished for my morning sickness to subside and today I do not have it. So of course I think that I am going to immediately MC. everytime I go to the bathroom I check for blood. I know I have to stay positive and beleive that I am being watched by someone above. I am far from religious but know that everything happens for a reason. I want this so badly.
Thank you again for your kind words.

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congrats god bless you nd your family

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