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9 days late

I am now 9 days late and having lower back pain and bloating and not feeling normal.  I was constipated and have leg cramps and discharge from breasts. I have been taking HPT and all of which are coming back neg.  I feel very tired and low energy, a lot of cramping like my period is set to come but nothing, a am very bloated like I just ate a huge turkey dinner and I have not eaten anything.  I don't know what to do.  Any advise would be great. Thanks
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if you are testing negative you maybe testing too early! my last pregnancy I went into a preg. i felt really tired, nasueas, and had a little breast tenderness.... went to e.r and they check for thyroid did a ekg and preg. test everything was negative and they sent me home telling me it was anxiety.... 1 day later i went to a pregnancy center took a test it too was negative....  about 6 day later i bought a hpt from the dollar tree it showed positive i took it to the pregnancy center and had them retest me and it was also positive!!!!! i ENDED UP MC ON JULY 18 BUT  I am now 6wks preg. agai but not many symptons this time just lots of stomach cramping and peeing every 2 minutes!!!!!
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Tiredness, bloating, leg cramps...  all the same symptoms I had!  And I had no idea I was pregnant!  I took a test and it came back positive, but I was already 6 weeks!  You might be testing too early.  Give it another week or so!  Good luck with whatever you want!  =)
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