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9 weeks 5 days

my doctor said i was 9 weeks 1 day after i got an ultra sounds because i couldnt remember the day of my last period could my doctor be off about how far along! because me and my boyfriend broke up and if it was the other mans i would be 7 weeks pregnant could my doctor be 3 weeks off? please help im stressing out!
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Do you know that when a doctor gives you an estimate of the length of your pregnancy, he counts from the first day of your last period, not from the day you conceived?
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yes but i dont remember when my last period was!!!!
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OK, well, here is what the doc was saying to you when he said you were 9 weeks 1 day.  He was saying that the size of your embryo on that day was consistent with the size of embryos of women who are 9 weeks 1 day pregnant counted the medical way (i.e., from the first day of last period).  So from that, if your menstrual cycles were roughly average length (which is 28 days), you could extrapolate that you were about 7 weeks 1 day past conception on that day.  

If you're (counting the medical way) now 9 weeks 5 days, get out your calendar and count back 7 weeks and 5 days from today.  Around that time will be when you conceived.

If your candidates are really close together in time (such as less than a week), this method is not going to help you much, especially if you don't know if your periods are normally 28 days apart.  But if there is a little time difference between the contacts with the possible fathers, then it might be instructive.

In any case, a DNA test would be a very smart idea.

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Normally the ultrasound machine can estimate how far along the pregnancy is by size ecc. of the fetus. I had estimated with my son that I was 15 wks and the ultrasound machine confirmed that from the size of my baby.
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