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A lot to catch up on!!

Brady was discharged on February 16...9 days after his due date, after 132 days in the NICU..weighing 6 lbs 5 ounces!  He came home w an NG tube because he can't quite finish all of his bottles yet.  I learned to put it in at the hospital so we could just have him home!!  We are still not out of the woods for his eyes yet.  We have to make weekly visits to Houston for now.  The dr. seems to think it just may take a while for the retinas to go back down...so we'll wait!  
He had an eye exam scheduled for yesterday, buuut...I couldn't take him because he's back in the hospital..in the PICU.. for RSV!  He gets his synagis every month, so it really is a pretty mild case of it.  They are just monitoring him just in case.  I think he'll be able to come back home today.  The nurse yesterday said she's never seen an RSV kid that healthy.  He barely even has anything for them to suction out of him.  And he hasn't required oxygen or anything.  Hopefully he already hit his peak (which is supposed to be between days 3 and 5). I took him to the dr on Wednesday because he sounded congested to me.  I could just hear it when he was breathing and eating.  It had been going on for a couple of days, but got worse the night before.The dr listened to his lungs though and they sound fine.  But he did do the test for rsv because of his history, and that's what it was. So he got admitted. He'll occassionally desat to 89..but he goes right back up so they aren't too worried yet.  The weird thing is...since he's been in the hospital, he's been taking ALL of his bottles!!  They took the NG tube out...hopefully we don't have to put it back in!  I wonder if it helps having that darn tube out!  That will be sooo awesome if we can come back without that!  I'm gonna head back up to the hospital, but I'll keep ya updated!  Andd I'll post some pics!
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That is wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your family!! I hope Brady is able to come home soon! Keep us posted! :)
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That is GREAT news! You will never forget the day your baby comes home from the NICU....it really is a long hard battle, and it is so great when it is over :-) Good Luck and I hope he gets over the RSV and continues doing great!
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YYYAAAAAAYYYY for my little man Brady!! (yep, I've cyber adopted him as my little man) I knew he was gonna get thru this! I just knew it!!!
Girl, you are so blessed (I'm sure you know this!)... I get so excited to hear from you! I can't wait till you post some pics to see that chunker!

Lots of love!
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I dont think that I have ever written to you, but over the months I have been keeping up with your story.  I am so happy for you and your family!  Congrats!!
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That is just fantastic news, Give him a smooch from all of his on-line aunties.  :)
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aww, y'all are the best!! thank you!!  he got discharged yesterday.  didn't even have to get o2 while he was there or anything.  thank God for the synagis..i'm confident that's why this case was so mild.  i know it can be life threatening!!  i think im gonna take his big brother out of daycare...we don't need to keep going to the hospital. brady came home w out his ng tube!  woot woot!  hopefully we can keep it out though.  the last 2 bottles he took were a little rough.  he took over his 20 minutes to take them..but he took them, so i don't think it's worth putting the tube back in just yet.  ohh, and i thought he was a screaming baby when we brought him home...but i think it was just because he was sick!  because since we've been back from the hospital, he's been sooo good!  maybe a little scary?  we'll give it time to see how he really is at home...either way, i dont care...he's home!! :)
we have our eye exam in houston tomorrow...keep praying for his eyes..and that he'll continue to take all of his bottles!  thanks! xox
ohhh, and he's already 7 lbs!!!!
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great news!

i wanted to let you know that until 4 months old, dd had some frustrating feeding issues. She would take over an hour to take a 3 or 4 ounce bottle. Lots of crying and screaming was involved too. And it seemed to get worse as she got older, not better. My LC explained that as she was getting older, she was getting more aware of her problems and getting more frustrated.
After months of trying different nipples and flows, we finally found one that worked. If you find he is having trouble, you may want to try different shapes and flows. i remember the huge relief we felt the day we FINALLY found one that worked and she ate like a normal baby. Since he was a preemie, it's possible his feeding issues are similar to her problems.
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thanks!  the same things happened w my other sone when he was about 3 months...he just stopped eating!!!  turns out, it was the bottle!  i just use the nipples they gave us from the hosp.  and he seems to do better w the volufeed bottles from the hosp than any of the other ones they had.  he just got up to eating 2 ounces.  we have to get weekly weight checks so i know how much to feed him because he's not eating ad lib yet.  anyway, i will try new bottles if he does poorly the rest of the night.  i don't want the tube back in!  thanks again!
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Just letting y'all know at Brady's eye exam on Monday, we were told his right eye is home free!!  Meaning the dr expects full retinal reattachment.  He won't have perfect vision...not even with glasses...but he will have vision!  Now we're waiting on his left eye..keep praying! :)  Also...peanut's not a peanut anymore!!  He had a hospital follow up w his pedi today and he's 7 lbs 4 ounces!  I can't believe how far he's come...
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Congratulations on having you healthy and happy little man home with his family. You have held it together so well through all of this; Brady has a fabulous mommy.
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I'm glad Brady is doing so well!
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Yay! I am so happy for you! keep updating us, I'm off to see if you put up pictures yet :)

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