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Abdominal bloating in early pregnancy

Good morning ladies.

My LMP was April 6 and I test BFP on May 4th...

I have just started feeling icky, but not sure if it is MS or from digestive problems.

I have battled constipation on and off...and last fall when I was preggo (ended in MC) the constipation was gone.

This time I seemed to be pretty regular too.  Then last Mon/Tues I had some diarrhea and then the constipation returned -- along with feeling completely nauseated.

In addition, if I totally relax my stomach muscles, I look 4 months pregnant!  I've had a couple of kids (one by c-section) and I know my stomach muscles are not what they once were...

I had a period in April, but didn't really pay attention to how long/heavy it was...

So what I'm wondering is -- do you think I'm just bloated (pregnancy/constipation) or perhaps further along than I originally thought?

Has anyone (especially anyone who has other kids) looked soooo pregnant so early on (I should be about 6w3d)?

Or, has anyone looked sooo pregnant in early pregnancy from digestive/constipation problems?

I go to my doctor for my first prenatal and first US next week.

I'm not really telling anyone I'm pregnant for a while, mostly b/c of my mc last time, but it's getting hard to hide.

I'd love to hear any and all experiences with this!  Thanks for all your help!!!
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I am 8 wks pregnant with twins and I've been REALLY bloated since about 5 weeks.  I have had extreme nausea and stomach upset since about then, too.  I am battling constipation and trying to sneak Benefiber into everything I eat or drink.  I think my nausea/stomach upset is a combination of m/s and constipation.  I'm a Prometrium so that is not helping anything.  

When do you go to the dr. for your first appt?  I had a m/c last time so my dr. scheduled an ultrasound as soon as the heartbeat would be detectable (6 1/2 weeks).  We found out then we were having twins, which explains why my m/s has been so bad and why I was already pooching out.  I'd call your dr. and ask about all that and just see what they say.

Good luck with everything!
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i am having twins. my belly bloated with them. it was hard at the top and poofed out. that's just bloating, which is a part of pregnancy. even with twins(like myself) they are still in your pelvis so early on.

now that i am about 5 months along my belly is about the same size. lol. but now it's actually babies.

the bloating just happens.
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Thanks for your reply...congrats on twins!!!  Do you have other children?

I go next week at 7w3d for US and first prenatal.  I wanted to push it off b/c I had an early US last time (7w2d) that showed 6w2d and a heartbeat.  Went back the next week for f/u and there was no hb...

But, I couldn't get in with my doc again until I was about 10 1/2 weeks which was too long, so I'm going next week.  Wasn't going to have the US then either, but realize at this point that there is really nothing I can do to change the outcome, so no use burying my head in the sand.

But I am huge...I guess we'll see next week.  I as hoping to "hide" for a few more weeks at least, but I really can't "suck it in."  :)

Thanks again for your reply -- let me know how you're doing.  Best of luck and hope you feel better soon.
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Thanks...congrats also on your twins!!! Double the fun.

I am so bloated at the top (which I realize isn't babies) but I really look 4 months pregnant.

I assume that the bloating diminished over time with you.  Did anything bring relief for you?

Take care and let us know how you're doing...when are you due?

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Hi there.  Congratulations to you.  I am 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Since about week 5, I looked probably 4 months pregnant.  Then, all of a sudden this week, I am not nearly as bloated.  I put it together that last week, I stopped taking progesterone injections, which I think was adding to the bloating effect.  I don't feel nearly as big as I did.....   The funny part is, it wasn't just my stomach that was bloated, my whole body was bloated, especially my face!  I had started to wear maternity clothes already just because I was so uncomfortable in my regular clothes.  So, I feel much better this week about the whole pregnancy weight gain thing!
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Congrats on your baby...and thanks for the reply.

I am not on anything except prenatal vitamins...but do feel really bloated and uncomfortable.

I haven't really gained any weight, and I'm not particularly worried about it.  I gained over 40 with my first and about 30 with my second and managed to take it all off (or at least most).

I really wanted to keep quiet until after I was out of the first trimester -- mostly b/c it was so hard dealing with everyone after my MC last fall that I really didn't want to go through that again.  I'm just so big that I'm pretty sure someone is going to ask me -- my family knows, but I have held off telling anyone else.

Anyway, I see my doc next week and hopefully everything will be good...

Thanks again.
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