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Alcohol consumption in late pregnancy

I am 32 weeks pregnant and was wondering if drinking 4 - 8 units per week of alcohol has any detrimental effect on the foetus?
I have been comsuming alcohol during my pregnancy on and off but lately have a couple of glasses every 3rd or 4th night. Do you think I have caused any damage? If so, how would I find out?
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Yes, it is detrimental.  There was a study done where children who's mothers drank 1 glass of alcohol per week while pregnant were compared with children who's mothers abstained.  The children of the mothers who drank even that small amount of alcohol had lower IQ scores than the mothers who did not drink at all.

I will see if I can find the study.  Please don't drink anymore!
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Here you are:  Bottom line is, SO level of alcohol has been determined to be safe during pregnancy.

Wayne State University Research:
"Sixteen percent of the children born in the United States are exposed prenatally to alcohol, making alcohol the most common neurobehavioral teratogen. Whereas the earliest reports of neurobehavioral toxicity related to drinking during pregnancy were described among children of alcoholic mothers, more recent research suggested deleterious outcomes for children who are exposed prenatally to moderate amounts of alcohol. Jacobson and Jacobson, in their review of prenatal alcohol exposure and neurobehavioral development, suggested that even the smallest dose may adversely affect the fetus."

"<b>Maternal alcohol consumption even at low levels was adversely related to child behavior; a dose-response relationship was also identified. The effect was observed at average levels of exposure of as low as 1 drink per week.</b> Although effects on mean scores for Externalizing and Aggressive behaviors were observed at low levels of prenatal alcohol exposure, effects on Delinquent behavior and Total Problem Scores were observed at moderate/heavy levels of exposure. Children with any prenatal alcohol exposure were 3.2 times as likely to have Delinquent behavior scores in the clinical range compared with nonexposed children. The relationship between prenatal alcohol exposure and adverse childhood behavior outcome persisted after controlling for other factors associated with adverse behavioral outcomes. Clinicians are often asked by pregnant women if small amounts of alcohol intake are acceptable during pregnancy. These data suggest that no alcohol during pregnancy remains the best medical advice."

[Pediatrics Vol. 108 No. 2 August 2001, p. e34]
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Sorry but why would you drink while you are pregnant. The other day I was busy tiding up the garage and then we had a Bar B Que dinner and my partner had a beer. I would have loved to have had one but cannot do this to my unborn child.
As the above said it can affect your unborn child. Anything we eat or drink affects the unborn child. Its not worth it.
Im not being mean but Im concerned about your baby.

good luck and I hope all is okay.
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Sorry, that should say NO level, not 'SO' level.
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I only have one thing to say.. Why Risk It?? Your so lucky to be blessed with a baby.. Why put your baby through drama like that?

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that's true Chleo
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I recommend everyone to read this book: "Early intelligence" by Lise Eliot.  It explains how the brain and mind develop in the first five years of life and how EVERY SINGLE ACTION taken by the mother affects the developing baby.  She refers to a condition, called fetal alcohol syndrome, the symptoms include face and head defects, growth and mental retardation, and anomalies of the heart and other organs. PRENATAL ALCOHOL EXPOSURE IS ONE OF THE LEADING CAUSES OF MENTAL RETARDATION IN THE US.  Alcohol also increases the chances of premature delivery, miscarriage, birth complications.  Even if there is no serious malformation in the brain, children who were often drunk (yes!!!!!)in the uterus, score a lot lower in school (tests and also iq tests),their academic achievements are poor.  Want more facts?  Stop drinking if you love your child.
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Why do people like this have successful pregnancies??!!??  I could not have done more right things in my short pregnancy, and there I was on an operating table at 6.5 weeks, depressed out of my mind!  I just don't get it.  I hope, for the babies sake, everything is fine.  But people need to read a book, and listen to their Doctor!!!
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I agree tiffany78. My friend drank during her pregnancy and had her baby and as far as I know hes is still ok (he will be two in Nov but they have shifted away and I dont keep in touch with her anymore).
I couldnt risk it its not worth it. My daughter was born with dislocated hips (we didnt know until she wa 2.1/2yrs old) and when she was three she went through long surgery and plaster for 51/2 months and then last year when she was five she had more surgery. This has been very hard to go through as a parent but it was something that they dont know how it happened. Its not my fault even though I do blame myself but I didnt do anything wrong during my pregnacy. She was 3 weeks early as I had toximia (sorry spelling) and when I pushed she came out all at once, thats why I blame myself but her hips could have been like that before she was born or it could have happened later on, we will never know but she is healthy and is doing very well it has not effected her at all.
Its not worth drinking in pregnancy because you can have more problems than what Ive been through

i really do hope that the baby is fine for Bindis sake as it will be hard work. Children are so precious and are here to enjoy.

Good luck
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I have a friend who denied her pregnancies for the first trimester and continued to drink on the weekends. With her first she continued to drink occaisionally and he is definitely showing s/s of FAS.

This boy is 1 year and 1 day older than my son and is so far behind mine. At 33 months, he is still speaking as if he were 18 mos. Not to mention the physical problems he has. There is NEVER and excuse to have a drink when you are pg. Even if you are trying to get pg (if you aren't using birth control, you are trying) you should abstain from liquor.


Sorry, needed to get that out.

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I agree, why take the risk?
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I just don't get it! It is only 9 months. If that little life means no more to you than that, it is really sad! Please do not drink, your child will be the one to suffer in the long run. Shannon
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