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All Mothers, those pregnant, and with infants or children PLEASE READ!!!!!

Be sure to follow the links from this website, and pay close attention to pages 7 through 9!


4 out of my 5 children got shots, the 5th got the HepB in hospital at 12 hours old, and was sick at 2weeks old, hospitalized at 5 weeks old for 6 days, but the drs all denied it was from the shot and would not report it.  We refused to have him further exposed to shots, but his pediatrician kept after us and after us, making me wonder all the time, and making us feel like horrible parents.  So then we buckled and allowed him to get the DTaP thinking if he was going to get anything, he would get tetanus or diptheria.  He got sick again, and did not require hospitalization, but required breathing treatments at home... again, dr denied shot was the cause.  He also had many other symptoms of reaction to the shots, like "clogged tear ducts" (which I found out was something else).  We are not allowing him or our other kids to get any more shots, because of what we have uncovered as a result of researching this.  Our dr even gave us a propaganda tool used to scare parents, a video we had to watch, but I would think more parents should be scared of this!  Again, follow the links, and at least read most of the pages, it is long and detailed, but any concerned parent should be aware!
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My DH has been talking to me about several reasons why not to get the baby immunized.  I thought he was crazy, and then i began researching myself.  The rise in autism has been directly linked to shots as well. I discovered that some things can be given orally and it removes any side effect dangers. people think I am crazy when I tell them we are not getting immunized. if there were ever an outbreak, you can still get shots.  In the news a few weeks ago they are discovering that even the Chicken Pox vaccine is wearing off and children are getting Chicken Pox later in life when they become more deadly or harmful!! It sounds crazy, but I wish more parents would investigate for theirselves. The link below is from my state and includes exempt forms and letters so that your child may still ateend school. it may have links to other states as well.

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hi there i haven't read through the site yet but would agree i have three children already and my 12 year old just finished getting her baby shots my 8 year old still needs more and my 3 year old well lets just say hes had 2 and i don't plan to get the rest until he is much older so he has the chance to build up is immunity to things on his own but yes all of my children have gotten sick as infants when they had their shots hence why we have waited and the Dr school friends all try to make me out to be a horrible mother that im endangering my kids in some way oh well there opinion my girls run a a b average at school and are hardly sick and my son other then his ears which is and inherited problem  is hardly ever sick and hes in the 95 percentile for his developmental age so i don't think i have hurt them in any way i think i may of helped them instead thanks for the link will make good reading before bed  
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There has NOT been a link between shots and autism. What you are finding are extremist type websites meant to create a sense of panick and alarm.

Some children react to vaccinations, my sister did, but the vast majority do not and the vaccinations are well worth it versus the illnesses they prevent running rampant again.

Research accedited medical websites like the CDC, the AAP, and the JAMA/AMA.

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Many years ago, there was much fear and propaganda put forth about autism and childhood vaccines.  Any possible link has been disproven.

  Of course, as with anything, you will find alarmist regarding virtually any subject you care to research.  Infant/child vaccines are no different.  

Almost every child is vaccinated, and almost every child gets sick from something or other frequently in childhood.  I promise you, an unvaccinated child can still get ill with the types of things you describe.  

The only reason that unvaccinated children don't often get formerly serious childhood illnesses, is that the MAJORITY of other children are vaccinated.  If more and more parents choose not to vaccinate, these diseases will return.  You may think measles or other illnesses are only mild annoyances, but every year a few unfortunate children die from them.  

Rubella, (german measles) may only be a minor illness to YOUR child, but if a non-immune pregnant woman happens to contract it from your unvaccinated child, her baby may suffer horrendous consequences. Adults do lose immunity to german measles occasionally, and need revaccination.

So your decision not to vaccinate can adversly affect your child if they get one of these diseases, but it can also affect susceptible adults.  I took care of a non immune adult pregnant woman with chicken pox once, and she DID almost die, and wound up losing her almost term baby.  

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The vaccine has been thimerson (mercury) free for oh, about 10 years or so.  
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I have two children, and this will be my third...

I haven't had any problems with my two children, and both of them got immunized when they wrere supossed to at very young ages and they haven't missed and apt yet.  

My son is the smartest in his class, and my daughter is extremly bright.  

I still suggest and believe that getting your children immunized when they are supossed to is the best thing to do!
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About to be a new mom and this hasn't been the first time that I've heard of this.  But my question is, how do they go to school without having their immunizations? I couldnt even get into college without my immunization card although I was already in my 20's when I went in.
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Has anybody come across a Dr. and/or clinic that says that you HAVE to give immunizations?
With my son my Dr. told me that in this case we didn't have a choice. I didn't question it because I think they are importnant and all my kids have had them.
I'm assuming it's because of the spina bifida and all the other problems he has.

I was just wondering if anybody else has heard or experianced this, or if our situation is jsut a special case?
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I don't think they can. My second daughter needed a vaccination and the school sent a letter stating that she wouldn't be able to attend school if she didn't have her vaccinations up to date by the time school started. But I did a little bit of research on my own and what I found over and over again seems that the benefits of vaccinating our children when they're supposed to be outweigh the risks.
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The laws vary by state, but in most you can file a religious objection to vaccines and they are still allowed in.

Autism clearly has a genetic basis.  They just haven't discovered the actual genetic defect yet.  Vaccines are just so common that it's easy to blame them if your child gets sick relatively near a vaccination time, when in fact it's just coincidence most of the time.

I had a bad case of the flu right before I ruptured a disc in my back.  Did the flu cause it?  No, even though the two events happened in the same time frame.  
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I too was nervous about immunizing my daugher when she was an infant....what I did to make it less hard on her was to do ONE shot at a time.....they try and team them up and make it quick and easy, but I think it was better to spread them out which I did....

Also, when your child is of school age, they are required, so d*mned if you do and d*mned if you don't.

Anyhow that is what I did and plan to on #2.....I wait until the very last time they can have it, the oldest age that it is given before I let them...my doctor was pretty understanding and didn't make me feel bad at all.

I did not opt however for the chicken pox vaccine later down the road...figured it does not actually prevent it, so why do it?

I think we probably ALL had chicken pox as kids, right?  

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There are reason certain diseases are making a come back in the country.  It is from people that are not vacinated.  I can understand that certain people would like to wait and not cause pain for thaeir babies.  If they do get the certain time frame that is required wonderful.

If certain people even do more research they are now determining that autism is a genteic mutation that occurs.  And that yes it could be activated by shots or it could be activated by a baby tripping and falling or some other trigger in the body that tells it to start.  

As more research comes out about autism--you will see that it is not directly linked to vaccines.  I guess I was lucky my children never had a reaction to any of their vaccines other than being a little cranky the night of the shot.

I suggest parents do full research not just typing in"why not to vaccinate" or "reasons not to vacciante'  Do the research on why you should vaccinate.
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