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Allergies brought on by birth problems?

When my son was born he had been in the womb for 5 weeks after my wife's waters had broken (the hospital told us on two seperate occasions that they had not). He was born by emergency C.section and it was touch and go for both mother and baby (cord around his neck, damaged placenta, completely dry womb. At 18 months old he had a very severe allergic reaction to a fingertip of peanut butter that he had stolen from the jar and at the hospital while being checked out by a paediatrician a comment was made regarding the amount of time he was in the womb after the waters had broken and generally with the birthing problems that suggested that it was not a surprise that he had had a problem like this. This week, at 24 months, he has been diagnosed with a penicillin allergy. Are these directly linked to the birthing problems and should we be expecting more severe allergies to surface? Is it down to medical negligence at the point the waters broke?
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I have never heard of a connection between the two. I have severe allergies and I was born with no complications. However, my parents both have allergies, so I was told it has more to do with genetics. The only thing that could have prevented me from developing them *might* have been if my mother had breast-fed me and not given me solids so early on and not exposed me to comment allergy related foods-- but I was still at risk for developing allergies. I have heard too that preemies are at a slightly greater risk to develop allergies and things like asthma. Don't blame yourself and worry about what you could have done..it could be just genetics. Kids also often outgrow allergies as they age too...Be careful with nut allergies, I always have Benedryl on hand (liquid) and get an epi-pen if your doc suggests it, but also be aware that he just might outgrow it and be totally fine and allergy-free.
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Sentence should read "common allergy foods" oops.
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