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Alli-weight loss (no lectures plz)

Guys I am carrying around 20 extra pounds that I want to loose. I was wondering if any of you or anyone you know has tried Alli and what they thought of it.
No lectures please, I am just looking for some input.
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Try the book "you on a diet" by Dr. Oz, I dropped 15 pounds in 6 weeks using it, then found out I was preggers.
Dont' know about this other stuff...
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A girl at work tried it, and (tmi coming)  had leaky poo in her underpants once.  Once was enough, and she stopped taking it.

Too bad, b/c I wanted to try it.  But I'm not paying that much money to poo in my pants.  
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I haven't tried it but was thinking about it myself.  
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What is it?
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2 kids, I have done a lot of research and it seems like the right choice for me.

Lynne it blocks 50% of the fat you eat. However if you eat more fat than it can absorb there is some nasty side effects such as loose, oily stool and stomach pain. So you have to learn to eat correctly right away.
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Hey it is Kris - I gained 51 Pounds with Ryan.  He was 5w yesterday and I have lost 27pounds so far by eating right and exercising - even though dr. said not to.  I have been jogging and lifting some weights - however the first two weeks I did nothing and lost 18 and the rest has come off in the last 3 weeks.  
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yea pooping in the pants is not too delightful. Just goes to show that sneaking in extra fatty foods will get ya.
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Well- I didn't realize it had that side effect.   I will not be trying it.  
I heard about the book by Dr Oz.  Maybe that would be worth a try.
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I lost all my pregnancy weight 3 weeks after I had Quinn. This extra 20 is weight I had on before I had her. Thank goodness for breast feeding. It helped me to take of that baby weight quickly. I just want to get back into my sexy biker stuff.
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i have actually heard really good things about it. I tan the lady who works at GNC and she told me its really good and it works, and she has really great reviews on it. She also said there is no magic pill out there, with diet and exercise its a great weight loss system.  
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I have to do something.  What book by Dr. Oz?  
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sorry, just saw the name of it above.  Anxious, what does the book say to do?
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