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Am i ok? cramping because of period or implantation bleeding?

I really need an opinion as to what someone else thinks because I am confused. I was on the pill for about 3 months. I stopped taking it then 3 months ago. The two periods after that came on the day they were supposed to and were normal. One of those periods was my last period which was on December 6th and last like 4 days and was normal. I had unprotected sex on January 1st and I was expecting to get my period on January 3rd. I am 6 days late and starting today I had a slight brown stringy discharge that was only there when i wiped. I think it is too early to test for pregnancy but I did twice and it was negative both times. I dont know if I have to wait longer to take a test, or maybe since I came off the pill three months ago that my period is just different this month, or if it is in fact implantation bleeding because the slight bleeding started like 7-8 days after sex. Could I be pregnant? If so when should I take a home pregnancy to know for sure, and which pregnancy tests are the better ones to take. I am new at this so I have no idea what to do. If someone could really help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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I think it's highly unlikely that you could be pg given the dates.  You would have had to ovulate only two days before your period was due and that is not very likely.  In addition, it takes a few days for the fertilized egg to travel down your fallopian tube and then implant in your uterus.  It is the implantation and subsequent production of hcg that let your body know you're pg and stop your period.

I'm sure stranger things have happened though and a late ovulation like that would delay your period.  You are right that you took the pg test too early.  You need at least 10 days past ovulation for the egg to make is journey, implant, and then for the hcg to rise to a dectable level.  I cannot explain what is happening with the brownish discharge other than it's either implantation or it's your period getting a funky start.  You should take a hpt this weekend if your period does not start between now and then.

Good luck!!!
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Are the dates you gave us correct? If your af was due on the 3rd then you're a week late and you would likely test + on a hpt. if your cycles are totally out of whack, and for some strange reason you Oed on the 1st and today is 9 days later then it is somewhat possible that this is implant bleeding. Go to your doc for a blood test to confirm either way.
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i was completely out of whack after coming off the patch.  i think that would be similar to the pill.  took 6 months to get somewhat on track but i still spotted before i actually got AF.  ill never go on it again.  the pill was no bargain either.  messed me up.
good luck.
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I'm curious, what did stringy discharge look like? Was it clear kind of w/ blood tinge? Or was it something else?
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I am wondering what implantation bleeding looks like as well. I read it is a bit different in color then the mensus, anyone know?
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I did some reading in the archives, it looks as though women who did have IB shared the same characteristics: light pink (sometimes brown) in color, only happened one day (a wipe or two) and wasnt accompanied by any symptoms (or they were mild in nature).
Also, from researching the internet today, it says IB is not overly common.
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