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Am i showing signs of Pregnancy?

Hello :) I'm 21 years old and have not been quite feeling myself lately (though i'm not sure if it would be too soon to suffer any symptoms) I am getting some cramps right around the area of my left ovary which I have never had before and I am not due on yet and for some reason I am not sleeping properly and I am waking up at frequent intervals during the night all of a sudden but if I am pregnant i would only have conceived approx 5 days ago... Surely my body wouldn't be telling me so soon?? xxxxx :)
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hi, you answered me, so I'll answer you :) Is is possible you were just ovulating when you felt that strange pain? then again sometimes your body can give you signs very early b4 a test could pick up anything. Nausea was an early sign for me when I was pg b4.
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Thank you very much for answering me, I was interested and had a look on one of those fertility trackers and It reckons that I was at my most fertile the day I had unprotected sex so fingers crossed eh?! :) xxx
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You would not be showing any preg signs at this point. Wait until your next cycle is late and take a preg test.
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are you wanting to be pg?
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Well I started having symptoms (nausea, urinating frequently, sore BB's and sensitive smell) within days of concieving, it almost killed me waiting to get my BFP..
Sadly I lost that pregnancy but I'm pretty sure it was because I had a heat stroke.
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