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Amniotic Fluid Loss

My wife had a cerclage procedure, four days later she begun leaking amniotic fluid.  The procedure it's self was somewhat more advanced as there were two sutures implanted (inside and outer). The disolvable surrounding stitches caused an infection... The latest is that her membrane broke??? How is this possible? - was it nipped during surgery? Regardless, is there any chance the fluid will replenish? Is there anything that can be done to aid the process? I realise this is a shot in the dark, but there is not much to loose, is there?
Any info on the subject would be appreciated, more than I can express.

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I just want to wish you and your wife lots of luck with your pregnancy!  I haven't had a cerclage procedure done myself but my water started leaking with my last pregnancy.  I was 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant and my doc immediately sent me to the hospital to be put on antibiotics and almost complete bedrest.  The docs told me more often than not, a leaking sac is caused by infection.  I carried my baby for 5 more weeks while in the hospital.  We were able to get the shot (steriod...for my baby's lungs to develop more rapidly). The amniotic fluid may replenish some(if the baby is urinating) but most likely not fully replenish unless the hole seals(I was told by the docs that this can happen but it's very rare).  If at all possible, I suggest getting your wife on antibiotics and constant monitoring in the hospital.  Wishing yall the best, Take care!
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I am 19 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins on Friday my water broke around baby a the lower lying twin ... I was told that he chances of survival were not promising and that I need to to concerned with infection and early labor for the survival of baby b outside of the womb both baby's are measuring 2 and a half weeks ahead and have storing heart beats baby b has not lost any fluid .. Is there anyone who has similar situation I have to sit and wait for 5 weeks before I can be admitted to start steroid treatments and worry about either going into labor or an infection .. Feeling helpless but their father is supportive with his love for me and the babies
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