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Another 'joy' of being a mom?!?

Hi Girls...

So have any of you had stretch marks on your arm from holding your little one?

I was nervous when i looked down at my arm and noticed what looked like slashes...almost like i tried to slit my wrist...but up my arm.

My dh thinks it's from holding my dd (she is 14 moths)...
Could they be stretch marks from holding her?
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Not really likely unless they are just red marks that go away....

Real stretch marks are tears in some of the skin layers and requires steady pressure.  Have you gained weight recently?
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Well i'm 5 months pregnant so yes...i have put on 10lbs since...
But i do notice that after i hold her, the marks do appear.
My arms are the smallest thing on my body too...so no, i do not notice weight gain there(more so the butt and thighs..lol)
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Do the marks go away?  
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Hmm, never heard of it before.  How are you feeling?
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they never 'totally' go away...but they are noticeably darker/more pronounced after i hold my dd.
I feel fine...it's just strange.
You know when you sleep on your arm and you may have indentations from a blanket...that's what it 'kinda' looks like...going across my arm...AND..it looks like i slashed myself....
very weird!
It 's only on the section of my arm where my dd's tiny hinny rests....
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Maybe from the zipper on her sleepsack?
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I had stretch mark looking things on my upper arms when I came home from the hospital after I had my baby!!! My arms never got any bigger at all and they were never there when I was pregnant. They lasted for about a week and then disappeared. It was so odd!
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I have the same problem! I can't think of anything else it could be, they are only on the arm that I hold LO in. They are exactly as you describe, looks like I have slashed my wrist. He also has strained the tendons in my wrist - can't wait till he's walking!

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