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Another miscarriage question - Please help!

After the baby stopped growing at 7 weeks, I went two weeks with no symptoms of miscarriage.  One week ago, I started bleeding about as heavily as a period, and that continued every day for the past week.  Last night, I experienced severe pain, and I passed a lot of clots and bled a TON.  Then, abruptly, the pain subsided and the bleeding did not stop but declined significantly, and the clots stopped.  I thought I was done.  About twenty minutes ago, though, I went to pee and passed another large clot, and now the pain is starting again.  Is this normal?!?!  I'm freaking out.

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Yes, it can be normal to have stages like this.Your body may rest a while and then resume expelling things.
I am so very sorry for your loss. Not a fun time, I know.
But from what I know, it is quite normal for a miscarriage to happen gradually over a period of time like this.
I would probably let my Dr know, however. Always better to be safe than sorry.
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You should follow up with your doctor as soon as possible.  I'm sorry you are going through this.
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my 2nd m/c sounds a lot like that but i only bled for 2 days and then it picked up again with clots and more bleeding after a day or two of non-bleeding.

Anyway...I'm so sorry for your loss.  It's so hard.  I lost 3 this year and it's so painful, unimaginable pain for a mother.

My prayers are with you during this healing time.  

I would call your dr if the bleeding continues past the 2 week span
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Welcome back Deanne11, I pray a lot for myself and I always pray for the people on here.  Someone was looking out for me during this pregnancy.  I lost a baby and then with this pregnancy I was in bad shape in teh beginning.  I truly believe that this baby is a miracle for surviving and you too will be blessed with a miracle.  Keep us posted, I have a family member who lost a few and then went on to have three healthy girls in a row.
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Thanks for sharing, it's good to hear after multiple losses there is hope.  I sometimes feel doomed...like my princess is my only child and if that is the case...than I can accept it....but I love children...always have...I want more, lots more....of course at 33 I need to be realistic.  But I also know how grateful and blessed I am to have one.
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That is EXACTLY what happened to me.  My dr. talked me through it on the phone.  I would play golf one day with NO bleeding, and the next day I would awaken with labor cramps and bleeding a pad every hour...which is ok, as long as it doesn't go for more than 3 hours that heavy.  I had a full six weeks on and off of heavy and light and non existent bleeding.  Then, it stopped for 2 days, and I started af.  7 weeks of bleeding, I swear that I didn't ever think I would be normal again!  Sorry you have to go through this, and now I have a better understanding of a D and C.
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Thank you all for your insight.  I actually DID end up calling my doctor while all this was going on yesterday and he had me come in.  He did a sonogram and it showed that the miscarriage was almost done, and then he asked his nurse for some forceps (I think - something like that) and he basically finished it off.  It was very unpleasant feeling, but at least it should be done now.  The first night I had all the pain and bleeding, it was late at night, after my son was in bed.  Yesterday, though, since I'm a stay-at-home mom, it was just the two of us here, and I really didn't want him to know what was going on.  Anyway, thanks again.
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I'm glad to hear everything is okay.  It's nice to hear you have a dr that is so open to you.  Many I've heard just tell people to wait it out and that can even be more painful both physically and emotionally.  I know after my last m/c I needed help.  I needed a full D&E and my drs were great about it.

Take care....wishing your lots of luck in ttc again and many many prayers that you will never have to face this heartache again.
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