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Hi!  Thank you both for responding to my post last night.  I, of course, had to tend to Nathan once I was finished with work.  Then DH came home, and time just slipped away.  Anyhow, the pain is so much better today.  It's day 3 of this month's cycle, so perhaps it's gonna be here in the beginning, I'm not sure.  I did have a 6wk checkup, and all looked fine and pap came back normal.  I'm guessing it's a post partum thing, but I think it's worth checking out, since it's not normal for me.  My OB thinks I'm an alarmist, so I'm just dreading calling her.  She's really really great and fun, but sometimes I feel so stupid for calling, especially if it turns out to be nothing.  Nathan is sleeping right now - he's so big!  He was born 7/5, and he's already wearing mostly 6 mos clothing (very tall for his age - in the 90th percentile).  I think they all grow at different rates, so I'm guessing it'll all even out in the end.  His colic is much better, his acid reflux is under control with medication (yuck on meds, but he's comfortable).  The developments over the past month and a half have been astounding.  I hope you and yours are doing well.  Can you all refresh my memory on what you have/are having?  Have a great day and thank you very much again.  
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