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Any suggestions on how to increase milk supply?

I know there are a lot of wives tales out there about things to do eat etc to increase breast milk supply.  I am trying to increase pumping for now, but when I feed her it is not enough.

Any known methods that work?
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I know that some people recommend taking Fenugreek.  I think I spelled it right.  I would ask your nurse, but I have a friend that was told by hers to try that.  Said it worked great, but you smell like maple syrup.  I think you can find it at a health store.  I have also heard that a beer or some wine can help, but no more than a glass.  Good luck!
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The best way is to drink a lot of water, and to nurse or pump every 2 hours. I would pump first, and then nurse baby right after. Baby will get the thicker, fattier "hind milk", and can drain your breast better than any pump. Don't worry that baby won't get enough if you pump first. You can always offer the bottle of pumped milk after she nurses if you are concerned she is not satisfied.
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There is also a medication you can take that increases your supply. It has to be compounded here in the U.S. but I found online that it is available in Canada. (I'm just not sure about ordering it from online) I used this med w/ds when he was several months old & HUGE so he was needing more than I was making. I took less than what they said to take at the pharmacy & I started to make enough milk for the whole neighborhood!! :) I had no side effects from it & am actually thinking of calling the doctor for more to "boost" my supply with 10 month old dd! Good luck & Congrats!!
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My supply went way down after going on the 'mini-pill' for birth control at my 8 week post- delivery visit. My dr. didn't tell me that was a side effect, I read it. I pumped non-stop for a week and drank tons of water plus tried fenugreek. I pump 2 oz. at a sitting which is still way less than the 6oz. I used to get. What's the medication name????
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Hello, Im a mother to 8 children and I fed them all.  Plenty of fluids water milk as much as you can stand and keep expressing.  Again dont worry that your baby doesnt get enough you can make that up in bottled milk but you really should be okay.  The more you feed and express the more you will naturally produce ... just keep it up!!  Good luck.
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There is also a tea you can drink called Mother's Milk. It has a lot of natural herbs in it (I can't remember what they are now). It defintely helped me!
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