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Anybody taking antidepressants while pregnant?

Hi.  I am almost 22 weeks and am starting to really slip into depression.  I have struggled with depression before, but was doing ok before this pregnancy.  I think my history and pregnancy hormones are getting to me.  

My little boy looks so great on the ultrasound that I hate to take something that would be harmful to him.  BUT, I am starting to not be able to function and I cry almost everyday.  I have 4 other children and I am not a very joyful mom right now.  I am overwhelmed with everything.  I am fighting with hubby and he really isn't much help.  I don't have any family nearby and I can't even make myself take a walk to feel better.  

I was just wondering if anyone hasis successfully taking antidepressants?  My dr. was against it, but I might have to find another dr.  I know being sad/depressed/stressed is not good for the baby either!!  Please help!
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I am wondering the same thing. I am 19 weeks and very depressed. I cry a lot and want to sleep all the time. Nothing brings me joy anymore and I am finding it hard to be a happy mom to my other children also.

I have always struggled with depression, even as a child. Pregnancy seems to bring it out with a vengeance--probably something to do with all the hormones raging.

Hopefully someone has some info that can help us.
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I am not sure if this helps, but I took Zoloft before getting pregnant, a small dose (50 mgs, I think, which is taking the usual size of pill and breaking it in half) per day, for anxiety.  When I got pregnant I discussed it with my doctor and she thought it was OK for me to stay on it, in case the anxiety problem would get worse if I went off it.  She said it's not a fully known quantity in that it isn't guaranteed safe, but it is not known to be dangerous like some other drugs (I think Paxil is one that is dangerous but am not sure).  She also said there are a lot of babies born to women who take Zoloft.  So if you do decide on trying an antidepressant, you might ask the doctor if Zoloft has any antidepressant quality or if it is largely just for anxiety.  Good luck!
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Hello Ladies!  I hope this helps you guys out.  I'm 21w 5d and I've been on Celexa for about 2 weeks.  I'm doing great on it and the depression really subsided greatly.  Also Lexapro is also "okay" in pregnancy when the need outweighs the risks.  For me the need was great because I have Bi-Polar and Borderline Personality, and therefore I'm prone to cutting amongst other signs.  Hope it helps.  Doing well on the medication, I wasn't on meds for a long time before and even during the first part of my pregnancy, but doing a hella lot better.
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I also have bi-polor disorder and it is very bad and I'm taking a class C medication and have been since I been pregnant and nothing is wrong with my baby as far as all tests go and u/s done.  If I didn't take it I would go mad. It would do more harm to me and my baby.
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With my last pregnacny I was in a really bad depression and my Dr. put me on prozac. And everything turned out just fine. My Dr. has 8 children and his wife was on the same thing with 7 of her pregnancies and all of their children are completly healthy. Thought they did switch me to zoloft after my son was born because I was going to nurse, and there have been some studies done showing that prozac could dry up your milk.
I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. Try talking with your Dr. again. I hope you can get on something that will help!
Good luck!!
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I took Effexor XR for depression during the first trimester of my pregnancy.  I now have a healthy two year old boy!
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My OB said it was ok to take 50 mg Zoloft while pg. I decided not to though because I was only taking it for sleeping problems, and I ended up being so tired during pg, that I didn't need it.
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I took Paxil with my 1st daughter (now 4) and Zoloft with my second (now 18 months) Both born and still are very healthy. Depression during pregnancy is not good for the mother or the baby!
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