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Anyone Had this?

I just had what I though was my AF - earlier than I thought.  And, although mine AF is very irregular, I ALWAYS get the same symptoms about a week before AF arrives.  It started the 21st and instead of being very heavy with bad cramping, I had no cramping whatsoever and it was very light - sometimes not at all.  It only lasted a few days instead of the usual 7.  Anyway, today, I have on and off cramps - they will come and go.  I almost feel "wet" down there, like my AF is coming to visit again.  

My DH and I had BMS the whole month of December and begining of January.  I didn't think I'd be pregnant since there are about 60 days between my AFs and I had it the end of November.  I do get queasy at times.  Usually after I eat.

This has never happened to me before.  Anyone know what might be going on?

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It could be different things. Did you test for pregnancy? I could also just be an imbalance in your hormones... I wish there was a way to tell..
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Yes, I can identify with you, but slightly similar. I also had what I thought was AF on the 21 Jan, which was d/red and lasted 2dys instead of the normal 3-4days. Of course I didnt think anything of it until I noticed that symptoms were not going away.
Based on that I did a hpt which was neg. But even after that the symptoms were still there. I decided to see the today, who told me that I may possibly be pregnant. Especially with the symptoms that I have (read my previous post).

Hopefully, I am, as I havent been actually ttc because of my m/c 2mths ago. After this month, if Im not then I will ttc. Im really glad to hear that your u/s turned out ok afterall.

God bless
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Sorry to hear about your M/c.  That must've been an awful experience.  

I am new to this board and not very familiar with the acronyms but will try my best.  What is ttc?

I am so afraid of testing - that it will be to early and show a neg and I will then be disappointed.  I was having weird symptoms for the last couple of weeks but thought it may just be in my head.  Can you have preg symptoms before you have ovulation spotting?  

After today, I know something is up.  I don't know what it is but very weird that I just got cramps AFTER (I thought was) my AF last week.  Throughout the day, I felt like ralphing.  But, think maybe I am just nervous because my dog has been chewing on a lot of my DHs things and I don't have the heart to tell him.  

I think if this cramping persists, I will try a pg test this weekend.

Hope all goes well for you!

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TTC= trying to conceive

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Sometimes you find that when you share your story with someone close to you, they don't really understand, evn though they say the do. But I find on the Forum, its a family, sometimes having little disagrements her and there BUT ALWAYS make up! This just shows "Relationship" - how can you have one if youre not caring, loving etc - it comes with the package. Its also very good to be able to write out your inner feelings. I just feel like giving a bit of encouragement!

Now I would strongly suggest that you take a test - even if you get BFN (Big Fat Negative) or alternatively get one done by your Oby/Gyn - thats the only you will know for sure. I did and got BFN but I sought the Drs. because of the
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Sorry I wasnt finished, I pressed it by mistake.

As I was saying, it would be best to find out and give yourself some peace of mind. As Im writing Im still experiencing symptoms, especially by breasts. No before my miscarriage Ive never experienced or known anyone who could be pregnant after "AF" some if I am, then its possible. I tell you this after my ordeal Im sure not looking at life in blanket anymore, its wider than I think!! Ive dropped my sample this morning and I will know the results in  a few days - talk about the 2WW!! I will certainly keep all posted.

Msklr - only 2 days to go and counting!!

Hopeinal - hang in there, youre gonna make it - "Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

NKH - Sorry about your daughter's ordeal, but I must say Ive been there and for me there was no greater healer apart from God, than TIME - stick with she'll get over, especially with you by her side - I wished my mom was there with me, so you're doing great!

Havent seen Christie, where are you? - Melissa you have done exceptionally well, chin up!

God bless
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I dont know what af is but jessica the very first post my sympotms are very similar and I'm wondering what's going on what ever happened with you? please let me know ***@****
thank you!
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