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Anyone breast feed with breast implants?

Ok, just want to know if anyone has breast feed her child with breast implants?  How is it?  Also, I am 8w6d and have gained 7pounds - is this normal?  It seems to much.  It has been 11years since I had a child, so I have forgotten what was like.
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Also, I am worried about my boobs getting very large.  They hurt as it is now - and I don't know how big they will get.
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I saw a show on Discovery.  The doctor said the woman would be able to breastfeed if her implants had been inserted below the muscle.  If they were inserted above the muscle, then she'd be unable to breastfeed because the milk ducts would have been severed.

I don't know if this particular informaion helps you or not.  ?
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My best friend was able to nurse, but like JJety said, hers are behind the pectoral muscle.
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My is behind the muscle, so I should have no problem.  I am just worried about my boobs being to big and it hurting.
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I had no problems with breastfeeding and my implants. They were just like other women as far as feeling full, etc. The best part is of course, that now that I'm tapering off there's no sagging!
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HOw are you doing?  I know you had two miscarriages this year and just wondered how your pregnancy is doing?

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I have always heard that the further removed from the implants you are, the better (i.e. one year has a higher likelihood of being able to breast feed than six months; five years has a higher likelihood than one year, etc). I actually went to get a reduction done, but the doctor recommended I wait until I was done having children solely because I would be all nice, tight, and perky and then have my bbs stretch from the weight gain, milk, and everything else that comes along with pregnancy. Although I really wanted to have it done, I chose to go ahead and wait. I am not abnormally large (DD), but my back is always sore from my chest. When I went on birth control several years ago, I ballooned from C to full DD. I still hope to have it done some day. She also told me that even if I would have had the surgery then, I should have been fine to breast feed in less than a year even though they have to move your nipple and reattach some of the lines after the operation. I have heard of a lot of success stories for women who have had implants and reductions. Best of luck to you!
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