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Anyone else breastfeeding and STARVING all the time??/

I'm currently bfing my 3 month old ... who granted was born very big and continues to follow that path. She was 15lbs 9oz on her 2 month visit. She clearly eats a lot. Since I'm nursing I really dont' know how much she's taking in. She doesn't seem to be feeding for any longer then my DS did when he was a baby. But anyway, I'm STARVING all the time. I know bfing burns calories but am I supposed to be THIS hungry? I swear, I could eat 2-3 helpings at every meal. And don't get me started on dessert. I'm worried about gaining too much weight. So far I've been holding steady, but who's to say I won't start to pack on the pounds. This happend last time when my son started solids. I want to find a way to curb this appetite b4 it's too late .... any advice?? similar experiences?
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I drank as much water as I could. This helped with what I felt were hunger pains. You really do need the extra calories, not so much of the desserts, although they are yummy :-)  Best wishes and congrats on the breastfeeding.
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I had to stop eating anything sweet to break the craving for processed sugars.  It took about a week, and it was hell to walk by things like maple bars at the bakery section of the store or Oreos on the Halloween display.  But once I did it, and it genuinely only took a week, things were a lot better.  The other thing that helped was actually reading the calorie counts on things and realizing that the innocent-looking little Snickers bar or package of M&Ms was 250 calories, and I was only supposed to be getting 2,000 in an entire day (or max 2,200 because I'm nursing).  Sugared sodas (as opposed to diet) are 125 calories per level measuring cup or thereabouts.  I was drinking those huge 32-ounce sized servings, so you can imagine!  Sugar is addictive, and all I was doing was triggering future desire for yet more sugar.  I can manage the foods if I'm not sabotaging myself with huge sweet drinks and sweet snacks.
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I remember When I bf my dd 2 years ago, I was hungry all the time as well...You need a lot of calories to produce milk. I was eating good foods, but I was also eating more fatty and sugary foods, because they were the first things I would grab. It was fine when I was breast feeding, I took off all the baby weight, but after I had weaned her, I contnued to enjoy the same diet as when I was bf'ing, and that caused me to gain 7/8 lbs, post breast feeding!(I didn't need to eat all those calories after, and my metabolism changed promptly after weaning dd) I then went on a low-calorie diet, and was able to lose the extra lbs. I also drank a lot of water as well, and avoided any juice or sugary drinks/snacks. I would try to cut the sugar/fatty stuff, and see if you could replace them with more fruits and veggies, whole grains, etc. I know what you are experiencing, I had it too! Good luck!
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i was starving while breastfeeding my ds. i actually had a bigger appetite while nursing than while pregnant. i could eat my whole dinner and then an hour later eat it all over again. and i did gain weight. i thought i would lose weight while bfing. not the case for me. like the others said, just try to eat the right things. don't try to cut back because your body definetly needs the extra calories. good luck.
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my ds was also a big baby. he weighed 15lbs on his 2 month checkup as well. maybe that is why i was so hungry... never thought of it that way. thanks.
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omg!  I know exactly what you are talking about Casey's Mom!  Tonight... *hides face in hands*  I ate 7 pieces of pizza.... SEVEN!  I usually can only eat 2 (3 is stretching it)... but SEVEN!  I'm always hungry, no matter what I eat/drink etc and Nadezdha wasn't very big at all (even now at 5 weeks I think she might be 7-7.5 lbs)

At first I thought it was because of the food I was eating... but realized that anything I eat I'm starving again a short time later...
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