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Anyone else had this problem with storage bags for milk?

I've been having such a huge problem with Lansinoh bags for storing milk.  When we take it out of the freezer and put it in the water to thaw, the milk starts leaking out of 10 different places.  I NEVER had this problem before with any other brand.  Is it the bag or am I doing it wrong?  Like I said, I used to thaw milk like this with DD and never had this problem.
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I had that problem with a few bags almost like they were melted in spots or something. I haven't had the problems with the newer bags I bought. Call them and request a refund.
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Yes, exactly. Like it melted in a few spots and has holes.
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hmmm I never had this problem. I always thawed the milk out under warm running water.
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I've never has this problem.  I've always loved the lansinoh bags.  You should call them and ask for a refund or replacement pack.  Have you tried a new pack of them to see if it was just that particular batch?
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i'm having a problem with ALL 50 bags that i bought
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meaning, it was 2 separate packs of bags
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Must have been a bad run. I got that once with zip locks, p i s s e d me off. I was just bragging about Lansinoh bags and how I loved the free samples I got with the breast pads. Otherwise, I've always bought Gerber.
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Wow.  I would definately call them.  I guess I just haven't bought any in a while.  The ones I have are from the beginning of the year.  I don't freeze milk anymore.  The company should definately replace them for you, I would think.  I know some people double bag frozen milk, just in case.  
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Now I'm using dr. brown's.  I used the Medela brand with Ariella and NEVER had a problem.  I've stored 3 months worth of milk in these Lansinoh bags and lost so much milk in the process of thawing that I'm just p i s s e d beyond belief.  I didn't save the receipts so calling them is probably useless.  I bought them in Rite Aid, which is a pretty big pharmacy chain in NY so I wonder if they believe my word.
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I never had that problem either. On a similar side note...I have 1 box of Gerber breast milk storage bags that I bought right before my dd decided to wean herself. So I have a perfectly brand new box, I think there is 25 bags in the box...If any one is interested, I can ship them to you....PM me if you are interested, I can't figure out what to do with them, I hate to throw them away they are brand new and perfectly fine. I'd love for someone out there to use them if they are in need.
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Are you planning on having more?  YOu can always use them with your next child.
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I definately think you should call Lansinoh!  I don't think it would matter at all that you don't have a receipt...it shouldn't matter, you have their product!  Since they are a company who supports breastfeeding, they should know what an inconvenience it is for someone to lose that much breastmilk.  
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I'm not sure. I had some left over last time with my first and I did use them. They aren't taking up a huge amount of space, but I really don't need to hang on to them. All the other nursing mothers I know right no don't store their milk, otherwise I would pass them on to them. Maybe at some point Someone will come along that I know could use them. I just don't think it will be me, at least not any time in the near (or even distant) future. My other thought was eBaying them. I paid over 7 bucks for them and I see no need to jsut throw them out. So I figured if anyone could use them, I would ship them to them free.
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i had that problem occasionally with all brands. there were some occasional duds, and some obviously bad lots. since they are so expensive, i didn't want to double bag. what i ended up doing was thawing the bag in a ziplock baggie. that way if any leaked out it was saved.

i am not sure why some leaked. but since they weren't leaking when i filled, cooled, or froze them, i assumed it was something that happened in the storage/handling of things.
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That is the brand I used most
Never had issues
Why don't you call them !
I bet they would replace the batch
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