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Anyone have experience w/ Medicaid

When I got pregnant I was unemployed and didn't have insurance.  So I got on Medicaid for pregnancy.  SInce then I've gotten a job and insurance and Medicaid became my supplementary insurance.  According to Medicaid the baby will be covered until the first year of life.  

Now that I'm 36 weeks my dilemma is what to do about finding a pediatrician.  Medicaid sent me a paper in the mail with a number to call once the baby is born to get a pediatrician.  But I thought you needed one set up before the birth.  Plus, I really don't want just a random doctor assigned to me without first knowing they are any good.  Has anyone used Medicaid for their baby like this?  How did you choose a pediatrician?  Did you find out beforehand which ones accepted Medicaid and went from there or what?  I hate to call Medicaid because they are always confused and it takes forever!
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When i had medicaid about 6 yrs ago they sent me a list through the mail with all the pedicitrians names that go through medicaid.  And you are supposed to pick one by such and such time, but they sent me this about my 7th month. If I were you, i would call medicaid and find out, b/c you are supposed to have a dr chosen by the time u deliver, the ped has to come to the hospital when baby is born for checkup.
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That's what I thought.  I don't know if the policy has changed since you used it or not but I never got any sort of list.  The only thing I got was that paper that just said call this number to add your baby and that I got only 2 weeks ago.  I guess I might have to break down and call them to see what's going on.
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If you have a primary insurance, use their list.  Usually they will send you a big book with all the dr's names in it.  I believe that medicaid makes you go through your primary first - at least, thats what they made me do about 6 years ago....
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You can call the preferred peditrician that you want.  If they will accept medicaid, you can go ahead and set it up.  If not, there will be a doctor at the hospital that is "on call", this will most likely be a doctor that does take medicaid b/c all of your info will be in the computer prior to giving birth.  I never have had a problem with medicaid.  If there is not a name on that list, just call around, especially if you are trying to take your child to a doctor that you yourself or any of your family may already be an established patient with, just explain to them about the medicaid and all up front.  Best of luck to you.
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Check with the Dr. you want to use and see if they are a medicade provider if they are you can go ahead and get established with them.  Then call medicade and tell them you have already got a dr. that is a medicade provider and you want to know if you can go ahead and put him down as the baby's dr.
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Ok thanks!  I'm not using my insurance as the baby's primary insurance since it will be cancelled once I leave work with the birth of the baby.  So that is why I need to establish Medicaid as the baby's primary.
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I've had medicaid with all my children (currently pg with my 3rd). No, I'm not proud of it, but my hubby's job nor mine offers any insurance, and we meet the income guidelines.

Which plan did you select off of medicaid? Go on their website and it'll show you all the providers who accept your insurance. You had to have picked a plan, if you didn't then you were automatically assigned one. In my area, I choose between Unison (formerly medplus), Gateway, and UPMC.

You do need to pick a family dr, not necessarily a pediatrician. I just have a family dr who's awesome.

I remember one of my good friends was on medicaid, and she had gotten married which put her on her hubby's insurance. She dropped medicaid not knowing what to do. Her caseworker told her she didn't *have* to do that b/c everything's paid for thru the state and there's no co-pays. It's really your choice, but she did the morally honest thing.
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I was on medicaid for the end of my pregnancy with my DD (DH lost his job about 2 month before her birth so we couldn't afford cobra).
I didn't pick a ped prior to her birth but the hospital talked me into going to their ped (she's the one who came to the hospital to check my DD)we went to see her once but for some reason the visit was covered by medicaid bt not the shots, so we found another ped.
Most pediatrician take medicaid, you don't need to pick one before the birth, one will come and check your baby before being released but you don't have to go see that one.
Just call the insurance (or go to their website) and they will give you a list of ped in your area, then you can just go interview them.
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i just know that when i had my son he was established with medicaide before he was born but this time my daughter has nothing i am supposed to call after she is born and then they start the whole process i plan on taking her to the same dr as my son but i can't set anything up b/c she doesn't even have insurance yet i am so confused. not to mention we are moving to georgia sometime in march hopefully
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