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Anyone pregnant with multiples? Need some advice.

Hey guys! So I am just looking to talk to some people who have been or are preggo with multiples. I'm almost 7 weeks pregnant with twins ( I hope there's still two, will find out in a week). I'm getting freaked out reading about twin pregnancy, how MS can last the whole pregnancy and is much worse, how you can't work very much, etc...

How true are these things? I'm sick all day every day, so much so I haven't been working at all since 5 weeks. I'm hoping it gets better around 12, is there a chance? I need to make money if two babies are coming!!!

Also, how long can you work into a twin pregnancy, generally?
And how early do these babies usually come?

I'm really excited and am praying these babies both stick, so I don't mean to complain at all. Just wondering what to expect. Thanks!!
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The working part depends on the pregnancy.  I believe Chelly (she had her babies Tuesday) worked up until about a week or two ago.  Not possitive but I believe so.  There are also some girls that can't work at all.  The are a couple of ladies on here with muliple preganancies.  I hope they can help you more.
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Hi there. I am at 18wks with twins. I conceived thru FET and they are both doing very well. I have also been having acupuncture treatments for the past 5-6 months. my nausea was 2 or 3 times a week for maybe 5-10mins eash time. I have had back pain maybe twice during this time. I don't have any other symptoms. Feel great otherwise. Just get very tired at the end of day. I am due on Mar 22. OB said of everything goes well, meaning no preterm labor signs then I should be off work at the end of Dec, otherwise earlier. usually twins come about 2-3 wks early. I really think the acupuncture is helping a lot. So far I have gained about 10 lbs. Ob says to gain more. Good luck. Hope this helps.
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My sister was pregnant with twins also.  Her nauseau lasted until 19 weeks I think- then she felt great for the next couple months.  They had her stop working around 26 weeks, and she gave birth at 32 weeks.  
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