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Are these signs of pregnancy?

I recently got rid of chlymida that a very Nasty Ex gave to me.The time I had the std I didn't have a regular period.I had Constant bleeding for 2 months but not like a period.I was then put on a provera hormone to stop the bleeding and jump start my period so I would be regular.I wasn't aware but the first day I stop bleeding me an my partner was very excited to well you know.The next day I started my period which was suppose to happen.That lasted 6 days from the 13-19.Intercourse days were 12 20 25 and 26.I have been having wired sings such as tingling in my lower stomach area  some acne which I never get .Waking up with headaches some dizziness also this really wired vein on my boob.my fingers swoll up two sizes and I feel moody all the time as well as bloated.I feel bloated all the times and a couple days ago I had some weird spotting it started pinkish then turned a brownish color.Maybe I'm just rushing things but could this possibly be early signs of pregnancy?Could I have got pregnant  the day after my provera pill?Is this normal?
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Since you were on Provera, it is very difficult to say whether your symptoms are due to Provera withdrawal or due to pregnancy. I suggest you wait for a week after the due date of your periods, and if you do not get them go for a blood pregnancy test.  Take care!
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