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Arrythmias and pregnancy,anyone had any complications with this?

I found out 4 years ago that I have arrythmia w/SVT and the dr put me on medication for it.She is a cardiologist and she said she has several patients on this drug (Toprol XL 50mg) and some due fine and some don't when they become pregant but that the drug was not harmful to the baby.Was just curious if anyone has experianced any problems while on the drug or problems during labor as my dr told me I have to stop taking it 48 before I deliver(don't know if we can pull that off)...anyway,I am ttc and just wanted some more opinions and advice.Thanks!
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I am sorry I dont know anything about that drug.  I have been diagnosed with MVP and had to have an antibiotic IV when I delivered my daughter.  i also tend to get more "flutters" in my heart during pregnancy.
Not sure if I helped any.
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I have PVC's which is where it feels like the heart "skips" a beat. I'm not on any meds for it. Although, with all the searching I have been doing to find something on PVC's and pregnancy I've came across a lot about toprol and pregnancy and many women have taken this drug, and I haven't heard of any side effects. I do have way more episodes than when I'm not pregnant. In fact the past 2 weeks have been real icky with em :/ I'm 34.5 weeks pregnant so I'm hoping they subside soon like they do, because I don't want to have them during labor and delivery. I hope you find a little more info on this as I couldn't be of that much help. And good luck on getting pregnant!! God Bless!
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Thank you both for your posts.I do feel better knowing that it won't hurt the baby according to other research,so that's a relief.If I don't take it then my heart rate gets up 235 bpm. I still have skips but I hope they don't get worse with pregnancy!Anyway,thanks again.You all are so helpful!
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I was diagnosed with Wolfe-Parkinson-White Syndrome during my second pregnancy. I have been having symptoms (mostly extremely fast heart rate ~240 bpm) for about 10 years now, on and off. I didn't have any more attacks during pregnancy than when I wasn't pregnant. It also wasn't at all harmful to my baby. I now take Atenolol 50mg which is also a beta-blocker to control the WPW. Unlike Toprol XL, Atenolol is not recommended during pregnancy. I do know however, that beta-blockers often make you more tired and worn out as does pregnancy, so I'd be careful in that aspect. Also, be aware that although your cardiologist may not tell you, it is often harder to lose weight while taking a BP med/beta-blocker so good luck with your pregnancy weight. This was a concern for me after being put one meds 3 months after delivery. I lost some of my pregnancy weight and then gained it and then some after being put on the Atenolol. Anyways, good luck with your delivery.
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