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Ashtyn Update....Its been forever!

Hey ladies! Just thought I would give you an update on Ashtyn, if any of my old friends even come to Medhelp any more! Ashtyn is 2 yrs 8 months now. Since moving to Columbus 4 months ago, we have got established with the board of developmental disabilities. Ashtyn has been evaluated and is now working with a special education teacher, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, and a behavioral therapist. So far, we have learned a LOT. The main thing we learned is that Ashtyn's tactile system is defensive. For example, when we touch a hot stove, our tactile system tells us "OUCH THAT'S HOT". When we touch a soft fleece blanket, our tactile system tells us that "That feels soft and I like it". Ashtyn's system is stuck in defense mood...making him highly sensitive to touch. The behavioral therapist and occupational therapist feel that this is why he has the behavior issues we are seeing. They explained that his system is so defensive that even a change in wind direction outside can send him into a fit. This makes so much sense because for a while, he would go into a crisis for no apparent reason. He also appears to have a left side weakness and his left arm fails to respond to "catch him" or come up in defense. His left arm lags behind his right arm in response to things. Overall, physical therapy is working on that. Ashtyn is doing AMAZING in speech. He is FINALLY to the imitation stage where we can get him to imitate our words!!! He is doing great! We just had an EEG and MRI, and both came back NORMAL! So there is no sign of the lesion he had on his brain when he was a baby! We are so happy!!!

Quick update on me: Been at my job in Columbus for 4 months now and it is going great!!! Mike lost his job down here, which I am pretty upset about it, but just trying to get through it. I will have my Master's degree in 8 months! I am so excited! Overall, things are going okay for me! I hope to get an update from all my ladies on here!!!!
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Good to hear things are going good and that Ashtyn is getting all that help. So pleased for you guys. Hope something turns up for Mike soon.
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Aw, good to hear from you, I have been gone awhile too.  Glad everyone is doing well!
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Glad to hear you're getting answers! I have done a lot of research on tactile defensiveness since I have worked with children with that. The good news is that therapies can help a lot! Sounds like there's a great team working with him :)
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He has the best team Columbus has to offer, so I am very excited! Ashtyn really is doing well, given the circumstances.
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