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Aubree said "Daddy' today

not dada  but  'daddy'.. thats the first time i have ever heard her say 'daddy' instead of 'dada'... Matt was leaving for work and aubree grabbed his leg and said ' no daddy' ... it was the cutest and saddest thing i have ever seen.. : (

I do have a question.. when do toddlers start forming sentences or putting two words together?  i have hard aubree say ' duck mama'  and now 'no daddy' but thats as far as her two word vocab goes.. she can say maybe 12 or 13 single words.. like mama daddy duck, get , up , down , no, uh oh things like that...
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Im not sure when they say sentences, but she sounds like she is on the path!

Julian has said Daddy a few times.... Its precious isnt it?
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Jillian says daddy too - it is too cute!!  she emphasizes the last part so it comes out DahDEE - very cute.  She says a ton of single words and sometimes it sounds like a few words together, but nothing is popping into my head right now.  She is getting quite the vocabulary now though - it still amazes me!
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