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My girlfriend is worried that her 8 mo old son is showing signs of Autism. Is it possible at this early age to be diagnosed? What are early signs of Autism to look out for? Also, has anyone heard of the relation between certain vacines and the link to Autism? If so, what are the vacines? Well, actually, what is the ingredient in the vacine that is linked? Can you get the vacines without this ingredient?

Thanks for your time and answers ladies.
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I don't think you can really diagnose it until their toddler  years. My g/f had the same problem. Some children have sensory disorders. Does your friend's baby meet all them milestones? What kind of characteristics worry her?
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Also in answer to your other question. On one knows for sure what casues autism. Vaccines are one of the many things under debate regarding this.
Thimersal is the ingredient in vaccines said to have caused autism in some children. Thimersal is a preservative that is made up of mercury.
One of the vaccines of many under srcutiny was the MMR shot, but this is not the only one that people have said their children have had a bad reaction to.

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Sorry for my mispellings.
Typing to fast.
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She can take him to a developmental ped. or psych. and get an eval.
Then got from there. The earlier she tires the better.

Here are milestones for a 7 month old from CDC website

The biggest things to look for that a child should be doing by 1 yr old are not only having some words but more importantly non verbal communication. Things like pointing, clapping. holding hands up when they want to be picked up, eye contact.

Some suggestions
Sign langauge can start to be taught at this age, they can learn it- needs to be done hand over hand.
American sign langauge has a website
Omegas (DHA) if given soon (although 8 months may be to young) will bring on langauge big time.
Nordic Naturals DHA (they have a kids one) helps lots
Good luck
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Thank you both for your responses. Her son is very anti-social. He likes to be by himself most all the time. He will only play with a few select toys. She takes him to a play group at least once a week and he does not interact with the other children well at all. All are around his age. He prefers to play alone.

Also, he cries a lot. She has changed formulas, foods, eating times, nap times, everything you could think of. Nothing has helped. It gets to the point where not even her or her DH can console him.

She has talked to her ped about it and he doesn't seem worried....but she says it is mother's instinct that something isn't right.

I will tell her to find a devel ped to talk to about things. I have also printed out the info on 7mo development and will lgive it to her.   Thank you ladies
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Tomel has some great suggestions.  I would say that it's a little too early to suggest autism at the age of 8 months but I also trust mother's instict above all.  I would look out for things like eye contact, does he communicate somehow wiht his parents.  Maybe he's just an antisocial kid.  Doesn't necessarily mean he's autistic.  There is a ton of information available online on signs of autism.  Your friend can check out autismspeaks.org  It's a great website if you wanted to find out more info.  I hope your friend finds the answer she's looking for.  Good luck.
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The link is from autismspeaks.org
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8 mos is too early to dx austism. And there has not ever been a reputable link between thermerisol and autism. The speculation came up years ago and was repeatedly and reliably refuted by several studies.

My middle son was/is a "difficult" temperament. If one wanted to, I bet i could through a list of s/s of autism and he would fit neatly into the dx. Only a qualified developmental or behavioral specialist can make that dx and no one with any sort of reputation will even think of attempting to dx someone that young.

PDD's a re complex disorders at best. With all the buzz about autism lately, it is easy for people to manifest sysmptoms and project them on their children. Autism exists, to be sure, but it takes an impartial person to make the dx and it should not ever be made simply on the word of the caregiver. It needs to be done by an independent observer. True autism will present the same traits no matter what the environment.
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I agree with andij78, it is way too soon to diagnose. A lot of people are worried and you always do with your own kids. But, not all kids develop at the same time. Boys, typically, develop physically first, then communicate. Heck my dh is 44 and still doesn't know how, LOL! But, seriously, it is good to have them play by themselves. That is sometimes not developed until later. For the most part, by the time they get up in kindergarten age, they will pretty much be on the same level.

Good luck to her and I'm sure she's glad to have a caring friend like you. And how about this weather here this past couple weeks, whew! Everyone tells me that it was never this warm in the summers, until I moved here(Canfield). Take care, tmv
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The other thing to remember is that it isn't until kids are a long way into being toddlers that they actually play with one another or interact with one another in a meaningful way.  Taking a really small child (under a year old) to a play group is more for the mommies than for the baby.
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AndiJ78 Autism is a spectrum disorder, so PDD or PDDnos would fall on that spectrum. You right not everything is full blown autism (meaning the type that most people think of which is low functioning) there are many more cases of the hight functioning which is Aspergers, PDDnos or just even kids with severe speech Apraxia and or Sensory Dysfunction, ADHD etc..
Although the thimersal may be under debate the environmental factors are very much being agreed upon by many who study the disease. Meaning many agree that these kids have gut, eating, allergy issues. Which is not just coincedence but have lead many to develop an understanding that the gut influences the brain. Where the env. factors are triggered is still being studied. Many plausible things are maternal factors before baby is born, the air we breathe, the food we eat, lack of essential nutrients. Although there is speculation of the genes. Gene mutation is caused from environmental factors.

Newlywed. Although this young boy may not get a clear diagnosis right now it DOES NOT mean that he cannot get early intervention. Even if the child is put "at risk'" he can get any services that he may need, which the sooner the better will help him tremendously.
And the above post was correct in saying he is MUCH to young for social play, he is still very much at his parrallel play stage in his development. If parents want to make th assumption of when  a child should have social play they really need to be more informed and look up child milestones.
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Early intervention is key, but honestly at this point he sounds like a typical infant. By all means, refer her to her state's early intetrvention services for an eval. Though I would suspect that it has less to do with any sort of PDD and more to do with something else.
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