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Avoiding the Perinatologist

I am 37 and this is my first pregnancy. I am now at week 27. I never had miscarriages. I had bleeding in the first trimester but my cervix was closed. It was a low lying placenta. My doctor says the perinatologist is the only one who can tell me if my placenta is back to the right place. I went to one at the end of the 1st trimester and have been put in bed rest. I was supposed to follow up with him next week but I cancelled the appointment. I did it because that doctor did not give me any information, just confirmed what my ob/gyn had already told me - I had a low lying placenta. I never had bleeding again and every time I go to my ob/gyn he says everything looks great. He just does not want to take me out of bed rest because he was not the one to put me on bed rest - it was the perinatal. Anyway, the reason why I cancelled the follow up is because I disliked the service at that place. I waited for almost 3 hours for my appointment and they tried to have a technician see me instead of the doctor. I insisted that I wanted to see the doctor (first of all I am 37, second, my insurance will be billed for the specialist anyway, it is not going to be "cheaper" for the technician). The appointment was a 2 minute conversation, like this: "You're having a girl, but keep the receipts for the pink stuff you buy just in case. You're asking if the placenta is low? Hm... Yes. Just stay in bed and no sex. I'll follow up with you in a few weeks. Good-bye". And one more thing: my ob/gyn told me I was supposed to get a 4D scan there, which I did not. It was a small equipment, even more simple than the one at my ob/gyn,s office. I called the perinatal office this morning and I asked if this time I am getting a 4D, she said "you have to ask, maybe the doctor will do it for you as a courtesy but here is no guarantee". So I cancelled the appointment. I just don't see the point. I am not bleeding, am getting plenty of rest, my ob/gyn doesn't see anything wrong, and I am not even going to see my baby girl in 4D as I was highly expecting to. I just don't want to wait for 3 hours again and have a 2 minute appointment being told to stay in bed or to be cleared of bed rest. I don't trust this doctor and the last thing I want is more anxiety, long waits and waste of time. Any opinion? Should I be more worried and find another perinatal doctor? There's only one office where I live, in Burbank, and I promise I will not go there.
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Talk to your ob/gyn and explain everything that has happened.  Burbank is not the only city in your area, he or she should be able to recommend someone else.
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Thanks. I did that and it was the best thing. I had to drive for an hour but in the end it was worth it. The new perinatologist was great and answered all my questions, so now I have no more worries.
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