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BFN after BFP?! worried :(


I'm wondering if it's possible to get a BFP then BFN and still be pregnant?  I tested yesterday afternoon (11dpo) and got a faint but clear BFP - it came up right away, not evap.  Then I tested again today (12dpo) with FMU using the same brand (FRER) from the same box and got BFN!!  I'm not sure what to think and really praying this sticks.  We've been trying for almost a year, this was our 4th round of clomid.  Anyone else got a BFP followed by a BFN and still actually been pregnant?  

thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi, I have heard that there can be false negatives but not false positives.   However in your case I don't know what to say because you used FMU the 2nd time.  Please do not give up hope I am sure you will get the answer you want soon.  Good luck!  SSBD
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Thanks so much!  I'm feeling a bit better as I've read some women have better results with SMU or later afternoon tests.  Since yesterdays was faint I'm hoping this morning was just a fluke and not enough time for my levels to have risen really.  thanks again!
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have you retested yet? this happened to be. Keep in mine i live in canada so the new FRERs dont apply here yet so they are the same reliable tests.
I took a FRER at 8DPO in the evening of the 29th of march and got a faint bfp. it was a light pink line then faded after about 15-20 minutes to a shadow line but still there. then yesterday i took 4 FRER test and the same thing happened with all of them. took 2 this morning and it did the same thing with the first one but the second one i held my pee in for 3 hours and was completely neg. i also took a CB yesterday and dollar tests and they were neg as well...so i am COMPLETELY confused. Im 10 DPO today.

It doesnt make sense that they would be nice pink lines and turn into shadow lines after 20 minutes. Ive never had evaps on FRER before.
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Try testing in the afternoon or evening.  I have been re-testing and have been getting progressively darker BFPs in the afternoon, but I can't hardly get a BFP in the morning!   It appears that my HCG levels are higher in the afternoon/evening.  I did finally get a BFP in the morning yesterday, but I had to really squint to see it.   In the afternoon I got a very clear BFP.  GL to you!
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thats amazing! i have heard some women saying this. im so scared to test again!

congrats on your bfp!
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thanks Leslie_L!  GL to you!
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