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Baby eczema, cradle cap, dry skin

Any suggestions on these conditions?  I am using Cetaphil, Avveno and bathing my baby every other day.  
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I used Burt Bees APricot Oil on my baby's head.  Per my friend, who works in a pediatrician ward, she said rub baby's scalp in the oil (you can also use plain olive oil) leave for like 15 minutes.  Then take a baby comb and comb the scalp --it will not hurt baby. THen be sure to wash out oil immediately with baby shampoo.  I have been following this routine every day and see significant change in DD head.  It could also be though just that over time it is healing.  It is hormonal I believe related to mother and not much else you can do for it.
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Try using baby oil.  I used this on Troy as he had SLIGHT cradle cap and it worked.
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My baby had craddle cap bad and I used baby oil or lotion and a soft baby toothbrush and lightly brushed her head with it and then washed it out of her hair.  After about 2 or 3 times doing it it got much better.
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yes baby oil works great for craddle cap, also the shampoo selsun blue anti dandruff is suppose to work great.
I used eucerin on my DD's face when she had baby acne and it's also for eczema, her skin was clear the next day (it's greassy) and it also works on really dry skin
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My dd had cradle cap real bad.  I rubbed Aquafor onto her scalp and left if overnight.  The next day I washed her hair (3 or 4 times to get it all out) and used an infant washcloth to help rub it off but it worked like a charm when nothing else helped.
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AS for the dry skin, I would check with your Dr., but mine had us use hydrocortisone 1% cream on the dry patches.  Also told me to not bathe him everyday if I didn't have to, maybe just wash the hair some days and skip the body.  Totally common, I think that babies take awhile to get used to being on the outside.
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i used aveda balancing infusium once/wk and after about 3 application all was cleared up. i like aveda b/c it was skin treatment so i used on ds where his skin was flaky and chapped looking. it balances the ph in your skin.
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My first daughter had it something TERRIBLE! I used mineral oil on her scalp and on her body because everything else contained something that irritated it even more(she was so red ALL the time). As far as the hydrocortisone it has steroids in it which is fine if your baby can tolerate it right now, but for mine it was too strong. I'm not sure what nationality you are, but for my child and my niece it caused skin discoloration in the area that we applied the hydrcortisone. I think  maybe because of the pigmentation. i say that because my dd is of mixed race (I'm African-American and my ex-husband is Puerto Rican) and my niece is just African American, they both were two different shades, but yet it had the same affect. My niece is now 14 and still has the discoloration around her mouth(its lighter than the rest of her face and we use make up to try and even it out cuz she's at that age where teenage girls point out ALL your imperfections). GOOD LUCK!
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I used to have really bad eczema as a child.  I have grown up using EUCERIN every single day.  When I was a baby my doctor told my mom not to bathe me every day and use Eucerin in the morning and night.  Now it is much better.  I shower every day, sometimes more but it is best to use luke warm water, and apply EUCERIN cream within 4 minutes after towel drying to seal in the moisture.  You want to use the thik cream that comes in a large jar.  It can be kind of expensive, but you can use the generic brand it works just as well.  Be careful with steroids it can damage the skine
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To tell you a bit about my story, I have eczema or atopic dermatitis since i was a little girl, by the time i was a teenage it was all gone but after i have my first daughter 2004 , i had put the Myrena IUD a day or 2 after that  i had this rash and even worse all over my fece neck hands (my skin start cracking no steroid any mad the dermatology presc work...) I start taking short bath a lot of aquafor help y finally gt under control... time pass i have my 2nd baby 2008 and my eczema gt a bit out of control but nothing i can handle but the worse part....my newborn 3 weeeks old star having eczema too...  we start we aquafor hydrocortizone, using a very small amount of detergent on her laundry and rinsing twice, quick bath; im nursing so i change all my diet to make sure wasn`t what i was eating, and my vitamins to a natural ones . My daughter is now 6 months and i finally have her eczema gone!!!!! I MEAN SHE HAVE NO ECZEMA ANYMORE. Well i still rinse twice her laundry,and short bath,  i have always have water softer in the whole house(which doc things that help) but WE ARE NOT USING ANY PRESCRIPTIONS no Elidel,Hydrocortizone or any med., im using this mousturizer lotion form  MELALEUCA  natural product , my cousin its using them and also selling i when to Puerto Rico for Vacation and i talk to her about MY   skin and she give me the lotion to try...  i though its was ok but not a big deal until  ...One day 2 weeks ago i start to get very stressful about my baby because her skin was horribly cover with the eczema , she had a lot of itching(i have pics) so i decided to try the RENEW INTENSIVE SKIN THERAPHY from melaleuca products. And we are  shock by the 3rd day her skin was healthy like a baby skin should be... she is completely cure i keep using the lotion twice a day ,the short bath, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LOTION TO  EVERYONE TO TRY ON THEIR LOVES ONES WITH ECZEMA PROBLEMS IT REALLY HELP US A LOT...ITS  a bit expensive if you see it as a lotion is like 20 $ not sure have not buy any, was a gift from a fam. memeber.. I DONT SELL THIS PRODUCT OR TRYING TO SELL IT all i want its other moms desperate like i was about their child to try every possible natural thing ... go into the web site MELALEUCA.COM and try it ..it really work for us....if you like to see pics of how my daughter skin have get healthy  send me an email i would love you to see  the great results this super lotion have on my 6 months old... ***@****
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Our Baby (almost 8 months old) has been battling terrible ezcema for 4 months now.  He scratches his arms, legs, and face till he bleeds.  We tried hydro-cortisone, benadryl, every cream you can buy at CVS...nothing worked.  The cortisone is dangerous since it thins the skin, and the rashes reoccur a days after you stop using it. Finally, the 7th doctor has solved almost everything.  This doctor ROCKS!!!  The treatment is super simple, and effective. Our baby needs to soak in a warm (not hot) bath for 15 to 20 minutes with 2 tsp of baking soda, rinse well, then immediately after the bath we coat him in vaseline. Amazingly it's working.  He also had a skin test and he's severely allergic to eggs, milk, soy, nuts, oats and fish.  The good news is that I can eat wheat!  but pretty much nothing else since I'm still nursing him.  He can't have any formula since every type has either milk or soy in it...even the ones for allergic babies.  Please pass this info on to anyone who has a baby with eczema...I know how heartbreaking it is to see the little ones so itchy.  
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