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Baby heart murmur/acid reflux and post partum questions / update on deane11?

Hi all! I hope all is well with everyone. :)
My baby girl is now going on 8 weeks, wow how times fly.. But we've run across some health problems and I'm really worried!
First, and most importantly, her dr heard a small murmur during our last visit, two weeks ago.  I'm so so so worried.  It's funny but in the begining of my pregnancy, I always had this random fear about the baby being born with a whole in her heart.  Well, look what happened!  I've heard this was normal but, I'm really worried that it's worse than what she's letting on.  We go to the cardiologist today. :( Any encouraging words from women who've gone through this?  

Next, she has been spitting up clear fluid for a few weeks now. I thought it was normal until she choked on it the other night. Scared me to death. I was physically removing the fluid with my finger from her mouth and asperating her nose.  We saw the dr and they perscribed zantac (acid reflux)for her and we changed her milk to a soy based formula.  The dr said it could also have to do with her heart if there is a problem. :( I never put her on her back to sleep because of it. And now I'm afraid to even try.
I'm trying to keep it together but, it's terribly hard.  I never imagined being a mom would be so hard and I could be so scared/worried.  I guess I need some support.

Gosh I'm sorry this is so long but I havent been on in a while.
I'm wondering if everyone or anyone has ever had relationship problems after baby comes?  I feel like my partner and I are falling apart.  I feel like I do 99.5% of everything.  I also feel like our relationship toward each other is strained as well.  I feel sorta lost, like I dont know him anymore or he's not living up to my expectations.  Any advice?  Is this common after the baby comes? We were ok before but, I'm not sure what's going on. Is it hormones too?

Lastly, how is deeane11 doing with her pregnancy?  I havent seen anything on here. I'm hoping she's doing well..

Thanks for reading this far.  I'm really in need of...well, some support and direction.
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Hi there....I'm so sorry your little girl is having such a difficult time.

As for the heart murmur....I've seen plenty of babies have that and grow out of it.  I'm sorry I don't know to much about it....But sounds like your drs are on top of it....I'm certain everything will be fine.

The soy formula works great for acid reflux....if that is what is causing it and not the heart problems....

Post partum....ahhh yes....The stresses of a newborn on a relationship....I almost left my husband!!!! LOL
I can laugh now but at the time I wanted him gone....and even told him that....

I love him dearly but boy he was so hard to deal with and my daughter needed me 24/7....I could have cared less if he stayed or went....

Hormones....lack of sleep and of course with your situation ....you are overly concerned for your daughter and emotional.

My DH and I just had different opinions about how to handle the baby....I just couldn't get enough of her....I held her and watched her sleep....heck I even think I woke her up just to be with her in the early days.

I waited my whole life for her and she was everything I dreamed of!!!

My pregnancy is going well....I'm here in and out everyday but don't post much.
I'm having a boy...not sure if you knew that.  He's wonderful and 2 weeks big.
Which the drs think his size and the fact that they were saying I was so many weeks when I really wasn't threw off my quad test because his level II u/s showed no worries of down syndrome.....which they had me scared about.

Just started doing some sorting and decorating....getting ready for my little...or should I say big guy....

My daughter is so excited for him to come...she kisses my belly everyday and talks to him.
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I had a heart murmur and it is completely gone now and has been for MANY years.

Hang in there with your partner.  Having a new baby is a horrible strain on a relationship.  Recuperation, pain, hormones, no sleep etc.  It is enough to put anyone off.  It will get better I promise.
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The heart murmur can be scary--they will probably do a chesyt x-ray and then hook her up to a ekg machine to read the beats--my little guy had this--both of them--it turned out that they were both fine--the murmurs filled in and no problems or noises since---it is just easier to get checked out than not--I think in todays world the peditricians here a noise and think it is nothing but to cover their butts they send you to the specialist.  I am saying this for it seemed like all the babies born around my second son and they all have the same ped---all have heart murmurs--just a little curious.  So just hold her and watch the test it is quite interesting to see the monitor of her heart--
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I don't know about the other questions, but as for the heart murmur I was born with one and it went away on it's own. My goddaughter was born with one and some other heart problems and those went away in the first yr after shes born.
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i dont know about the acid reflux, but our little girl was born with a heart murmur, one day she had it and the next it had "fixed" itself. it scared me too, but my mom and my uncle was born with one, plus she couldnt hear out of her right ear, but that just truned out to be fluid.
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my son was born with a heart murmur. my doc said it is VERY common for children to have them and most go away on their own. my son is now 12yrs old, 5ft6in and plays all kinds of sports. he still has it, BUT it is hardly noticeable. i also had one and never bothered me. i found out i had it when i was 14 and im now 29. my mom knew since i was born, but i guess forgot to mention it. i think it is something to worry b/c it's ur baby, but most likely everything will be fine.
as for your relationship with your dh....well just remember how it was when you first got married and had to adjust to him...now you both have to adjust to having a new baby. he is no longer #1 and nor are you...now it's baby and then you both. im not saying it's bad. just that things change when babies arrive, but need not to worry b/c all will go back to normal.

best of luck...hang in there.
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