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Baby measurements - Kassimom, any clue?

Well, I had an Ob appt. today and Carrigan is measuring 2 weeks ahead of time! Dr. was already talking about inducing since Kennedy was so big, but Kenny never measured this much ahead.

Any clues as to how out of whack this may or may not be? Hopefully it just means that she will come early! Would love that!

CHLOE - Good luck girl! How excited you must be!!!!!
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By external measuring, the doctor can be way off. In my case with Tristan, I was measuring 5 weeks ahead for a majority of the pregnancy, but he was 8lbs 7ounces and it turned out to be too much fluid, not too much baby! Now with a friend, she measured very small throughout her first pregnancy and they freaked out, turned out her little girl was just over 6 lbs, well within the normal range. A lot of factors can influence how big or small you may appear by external examination. Fluid level, baby position, your own body style, etc. U/S is generally more accurate, yet they can still be off by more than a pound either way : )

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I also am measuring almost 2 weeks ahead - I was also hoping it meant I would be early, but by all accounts so far, it either means nothing or a big baby!!!  My first was almost 9lbs, so I am hoping we don't go too much bigger.  How big was your first?
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She was 9.3 and that's why I think they are concerned with this one being even bigger. I just has an u/s 2 weeks ago and she weighed 3.1 and I really didn't have an over abundance of fluid. I'm 5'11" and starting out weight was 150, so I'm thinking Carrigan is going to be big as well.

When is your due date again?
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I have no clue, girl! Every time I have an u/s, the machine puts the baby's due date at a week earlier and when I had my 20 wk u/s he already weighted 1.5 lbs! I thought that was big for 20 wks!! Especially when I read about preemies being born at 24,25, & 26 wks weighing in at 1 lb.  

I have asked my OB every time I go in and he measures how I measure and he just says "fine". But I have gained 38 lbs! I figure if it were a problem he would address it because he has already said he doesn't want this baby to get too big (DD was 9.5lbs)

I go in Friday for my 32 wk u/s and he is having them do weight and measurements, so I can't wait to find out what this little bugger tips the scales at now!

BTW, We were thinking of taking DD to this last u/s. She hasn't seen an u/s yet and I really think she would enjoy it and it would really make the baby a reality for her. I mean, she knows he has a room filled with baby stuff, she has felt him kick, but I think actually SEEING what looks like a baby on a screen  might help too! Have you taken Kennedy to an u/s and did she enjoy it?
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I'm just gonna put my two cents in about the u/s.  I am going at 3 today to have mine done and we will be taking our 5 year old son.  He's very excited about going to have "baby pictures" taken, but I dont' know if he will understand what is on the screen.  I will let you know how he reacts and hopefully that will give you some insight
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I think it was Chrisite too who said that u/s and measurements can be as much as a pound off.

When I was preg with DD, at my last visit before I had her, I kept telling the NP that she was getting too big. The NP assured me that she was only about 7 lbs. A few days later, in the L&D, the L&D nurses asured me that she was only about 7lbs. After 16 hours of intense labor, I delivered a 9.5lb child and everyone was shocked.....MOST OF ALL ME!!! LOL
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