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Baby's First Halloween....What is your baby going as?

Hi everyone,

So this is Reilly's first Halloween and he is gonna be my little turtle. I got the costume at Children's Place for only $22. Since we live in Florida, it's still hot in october so I needed to get one without sleeves and leggings. It's really cute!! Dh and I are gonna take him "Trick or Treat" ing together. I'm so excited :)

So what is your little one going as?
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I forgot to mention that he will be 8 months on Oct. 25th. How old is will yours be?
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well, mine are both older now (still ttc, though!), and anyway, both their birthdays are in september so they were between 6-7 weeks old on halloween.  the oldest went as a jack-o-lantern, and the youngest was a ladybug. :)
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when my oldest was born in early Oct. that first hallowe'en he went as a bag of mcdonald's french fries!!!  It was adorable!  My 2nd ds was 6 months old and he was a dragon.  My dd was a ladybug and she was 10 months old.  This year, I went to Old Navy and they had a really cute pink poodle costume that she is going to be.
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Its Jamesons 2nd halloween this year. When he was 6 weeks on his first---he was a dalmation. This year he is going to be a pumpkin---because since birth, we have sung that song to him---"Youre my honey bunch sugarplum, pump-e-ump-e-ump-kin..." and he LOVES "his" song. And so we call him "Pumpy" a lot. So he's gonna be a pumpkin since he is our pump-e-ump-e-ump-kin. LOL
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they are going as 2 peas in  pods
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last year cameron was only 6 weeks old so i didnt bother even going out for halloween...This year i bought him this little outfit that's tigger it's like an outside outfit and so cute.. i will post pictures but anyways, instead of buying an actual suit.. everyone commented on this suit that who needs a real suit when this is perfect for halloween. I will do a few houses with him..maybe like 5 and that's it...next year will be different.. he is still young...speaking of halloween i need to buy my halloweenies candies and stuff lol
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AWWWW!  I love the turtle idea!  So cute!  My ds will be 9.5 months and he is going to be a pirate!  Although my husband will be out of town, I am taking him to a friends house and we are going to trick or treat there!  Cannot wait!
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Last year my dd was 6 months old at Halloween and she was a ladybug (along with the dog) and this year she is going to be a flower.
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This is Ayden's second but last year he was so little.  This year he is going to be a skunk because he's suck a stinker!
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Spencer will be 8 weeks old on Halloween and we're just going to take him to friends houses to show him off...he's going to be a little red chili pepper :)
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Levi was a Chic-Fil-A cow last year (which ended up getting us a free meal at the Chic-Fil-A we went to!). We took him in to have pictures made in the actual establishment and told the guys behind the counter to meet their new boss. It was cute. People who were eating in the restaurant were coming up to us with their cell phones asking if they could take a picture of him. He was a celebrity at 6 months! LOL

This year, I just can't figure out what I want him to be...and time is running out! I thought about making him a Muno costume, but he hates wearing anything on his head, so I'm debating on that. I'd also love to find a nice plaid shirt and a HUGE belt buckle so he could be a cowboy. :-)

I'm hoping to dress as a Magic 8 Ball since my belly will be large enough with the pregnancy this time (last time I wasn't quite big enough during October).

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Jillian will be 21 weeks and she is going to be a monkey - for some reason I started calling her monkey a while ago and it has stuck, so my mom found a monkey costume - it is too cute  :)

(I think all the Fisher Price Rainforest stuff is the reason for me calling her monkey....)
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carmine will be a pumpkin its soo cute its the round pumpkin bright orange and the hat and shoes its so cute i have to get him a black sweater for underneath i already have black pants, his first birthday is november 1st day after halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!! his bday party will be on the 3rd.
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How cute!!! I love to see little babies dressed up in costumes! I just made an appointment to get his halloween portrait and a family portrait done on the 24th! Can't wait!
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I saw that turtle costume!  I love it!  I was going to get it for AJ, but for his birthday his aunt got him a dragon costume from old navy.  It is cold here on halloween and it is very thick...plus I needed to show them pictures.  Otherwise AJ would have been that turtle.  I am sure your baby will be so adorable!
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Quinn is going as a devil. It will not be a major stretch for her since she is a little demon.

We have an outfit, horns, tail and a pitchfork. We are gonna plop her in her all terrain red ryder wagon and around the neighborhood we will go.

She will be 22 months for this trick or treating. Last year we did not go as she did not have teeth so no candy for her. She did help hand out candy last year though.
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