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Baby's first foods and what do they do to digestive system?

So I started feeding DD, 4 months solid foods.  It was suggested to me to feed her veggies first then fruit as they have a natural tendency to prefer sweets.  Problem...started out with peas, makes her go too much.  Any opinions out there as far as how certain baby foods tend to cause loose stool versus constipation?  Also a good combo of foods in the day to keep baby happy (not constipated one day diareah the next?)

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Are you nursing? I started cereal 2 weeks ago for my 4 month old and she always has loose stools. I'm wondering if that's normal?
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Hmh. I am wondering why you were not told to start with baby cereals first, like oatmeal or barley. That`s the usual way, then veggies for the reason you mentioned and then fruit. I can imagine that veggies can accelerate digestion the most, especially if this is the first solid food you are giving. The phase for cereals only lasts easily a month because you are supposed to try one grain after the other for a while to test for allergic reactions. As for loose stools, if you are breastfeeding, they will be loose no matter what solids you are feeding unless it were bananas only. You can create a balance if you do add cereals but constipation is pretty rare among breastfed babies. Once they switch to cow`s milk later on, constipation happens more easily and then you can counter balance with all the veggies your baby is just starting to like.
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hello everyone. i started my ds on solids this past week. He is 4 1/2 mos and weighs 18lbs. he was 10 lbs 9 oz at birth. anyway, we started rice cereal with breastmilk. i really want to add some veggies but thought it was recommened to wait. also he only has it at night. anyone know when it is a good time to eat solids more than once a day?
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I'll see if I can get an answer from the dr. on Monday. We have our 4  month check up.
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thanks, my dr. was not very clear at all. and yes, my 4 month old always has loose stool too. i think it is normal.
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oh yeah, he is breastfed as well.
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Sorry...to clarify....
1. No she is not breastfed
2. She has been on cereal for 1 month already (I was given approval of this due to DD's appetite and size)
3. I was told to start then with veggies first as children prefer sweet things and I want her to eat her veggies
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Once the baby eats three meals a day (cereal then veggie then fruit) how much milk should he/she drink (obviously less than the max 32oz)?  I know it is different for every baby.  My dd seems to be the exception for everything since she is in the 95% percentile for both height and weight
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I started my daughter on solids at 4 months and went with rice cereal first.
It was kind of bland in flavor so I would mix some applesauce, jelly, or mashed bannasas in it...she LOVED IT!
She also ate the applesauce and mashed bannas by themselves as well.
From there I started her on vegies and fruit baby food...meat was last.
She loved the yams!
I know they say to wait till they are 6 months old to start soilds when she watched every bite of food that went in your mouth and drolled I thought just maybe she wanted to try it to..LOL :)
She is 2 and 1/2 and only weights 25 lbs....no worry here about it making her over weight like they say it will.
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Hi. what is her height and weight if u dont mind my asking? i have a big baby too so i love to hear  about others. they are soo cute!
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Can't help you there since we weren't given the ok to start the solids with DD by the dr :(:(:(
BTW, did you get Ariella's pix?
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My dr said to start the solid foods at 4 months old as in the oatmeal/rice cereal and add in the formula/breast milk in there. When my dd didnt care for that i just added some bannannas or either applesauce baby food to it and she loved it. I didnt start feeding her solid baby foods more than that until she turned 6 months old and then i did what he said by feeding her the same veggie for one week at a time, then the next week trying a different brand. She is almost 7 months old and has her cereal in the AM, a veggie at lunch, and a fruit after her dinner time bottle and she is doing great. They also told me to start adding ina little bit of the baby apple or pear juice about one ounce of the juice with 2 ounces of water and she doesnt really care for that yet but i still try and get her to drink some of it.
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No did you send pics to ***@****?  Try again...maybe something is going on with my email.

In response to other's comment...
My DD is TALL, was born large, can sit up by herself, has more than doubled her birth weight, and is always trying to grab our food...that is why the doc said to go ahead and start with veggies.  I am only going to give her veggies for now and I only give her a tiny bit once a day.  I do give her just 1 veggie for now and only a small amount.  If I don't give her the solids, she ends up drinking like 36 oz of milk in a day.

I am just trying to figure out the right combo, mix, etc so that she is either not constipated or pooping every few hours.
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Hi she is 26.5" long and 17lbs (she is already starting teething and has actually lost a little weight)  She was born 8lbs 7.2 oz
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Yep, that's the email address I used.  Let me try again.  Let me know if you get it.  BTW, Ameera's tall!!  Ariella's only 22" now and she's much smaller weighing at 12 lbs.  She can already sit all by herself??? That's is so exciting!  How do you know that she's already teething, do you see any coming through her gums.  Ariella has been chewing on her fists more now so I'm wondering if she's teething as well.
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I was told by my pediatrian to not even start on any solids until they reach 6 months.  Check on the American Academy of Pediatrics on the website but I was told by several docs to continue with just milk until 6 months because it can cause allergies.  As well babies digestive systems are just not mature enough to withstand foods yet.
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Didn't get anything yet:( try

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