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Back from the pedi

i thought i would update quick..Cameron has rotavirus. I will update more later right now i have to try and keep him hydrated or he needs to be admitted in the hospital
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so far he seems to be drinking good....He has had 4 oz of 2% milk(dr's orders...isnt as thick as homo) and about 1 oz of pedyalite. The pedi gave me strict orders to give Cameron tylenol and motrin and alternate... he also said to give him an ounce of milk, an ounce of clear broth and an ounce of pedyalite ever hour alternating and if by 10-11pm he has not drank good he needs to go to the ER to get an iv for liquids
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I hope he feels better and keep us updated! I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers!
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aw. poor guy. i read your other post about the cough. does he have severe diarrea and vomitting as well? sounds like he's drinking OK. as long as he keeps it down and takes a bit more, he should be good.
alternating tylenol and motrin worked well when dd was sick recently. hope it helps him!
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it is a struggle to get cameron to drink pedialyte and the broth but he will drink the milk..he has since 530 drank 14 oz of milk...
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he's ok then. a baby his age should be taking 16-24 ounces of milk/day when healthy. great job getting the milk into him. is he still vomitting and having diarrea?
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he jus vomitted all over me about 2 minutes after i posted... he was choking in my bed and i went and picked him and there was my nice present...
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I did not think milk was a good idea for a baby that is vomiting and having diarrea? That is what I have heard anyway. Maybe some frozen pedialyte would be easier on him to eat and would also help with the fever. I hope he starts to feel better soon.
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cameron totally did a 360...he is back to himself with a temp of 97-98 it varies..he never even woke up during the night last night..they say rotavirus lasts for about a week...he had it for 2 days...if thats REALLY what he had...he ate this morning and drank about 4 oz of milk...i see the dr at 1130 i will let you know what he says...he still has a little cough though..no poops yet or vomiting for 12 hours now
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I was going to say when I rotated motrin before my dd got sick - vomiting.  I think it is that - that may have made him vomit.  Hard on his belly.  He should be in the hospital with rotaviris right?  

poor baby/poor mommy.  good luck
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CYW-  that is great that he seems to be turning around-  Taylor had it at 11 months- and we spent 2 night in the hospital-  it was one of the worst things I have experienced-  as a new mother-  and pretty much generally...  to see your baby that sick!  And the experience did bring one question to mind-  why do they even make red pedialyte?  I still have stains on the carpet from that-  wish an experienced parent would have warned me about that!  :)

Glad he is on the road to recovery-  hopefully you can get some rest soon!
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