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Backache in early pregnancy?

Can u get lower backache in early pregnancy???
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Last time I was pregnant I had a lower back ache, and it came back the other day so hoping I will get a BFP next week. Good luck and lots of ***BABY DUST*** to you! When can you test?  I'm going to try Wednsday but might be to early.
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i had lower back pain not really pain just kinda pressure on my back, and that was before i knew i was even prego. i found out by suprise, i was going in for the yearly exam that us ladys love and found out i was 4w2d pregnant. *good luck*
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I'm sorry, but you don't even know if you're pg or not, yet you're asking about braxton hicks and lower back pain. Your AF isn't due yet, but you seem to think you're pg because you want to be and your manicure lady said so.

Snap back into reality, hon.
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my post was to you.

Sorry aimntrev, I got your name confused with the op.
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I don't think it is necessary to be rude to her.It's not strange for someone who really wants something to get excited at the possibility of it maybe being true.
This forum is a place to get and give support, not to criticize or judge because you think someone is getting a little too excited.
Your comment was out of line, and not kind at all.
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I'm sorry, how much sunshine shall I blow up her ass? And how much for yours while I'm at it?
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