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Benadryl not working...... any other recommendations??

So the doctor told me to take benadryl for my cold..... It's not helping my nose at all. It just makes me sleep, which is wonderful, but I'm trying to get better before next friday. I don't want to go thru a c section sick. I've been completely resting all day and eating soup like crazy. I went thru 6 cans in two days.... I feel fat, I eat a lot, and it seems nothing fills me up.... I think I've had a fever on and off the past two days. I can't take my temp. because the only thermometer i have is a mouth one and i can't keep my mouth closed long enough to take it cause I can't breath out my nose. *sigh*

Any recommendations are welcome....

Thanks ladies.
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there was a strong nosespray my doc recommended while i was prego. ill go look in the cabinet shortly to see the name for u.  i know it helped with a very stuffy njose.  also i was allowed robitussin.
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Sudafed will really help clear up the nasal congestion...that is what my Dr. recommended after Benadryl did not work for me...
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Sudafed or you may want to see if Mucinex is okay- just the regular Mucinex. That stuff and sudafed together work GREAT!
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Afrin nasal spray is often recommended for a severely stuffy nose, but watch out.  You can easily get hooked on it, so don't use it for more than a couple of days, very infrequently.  

You can try a saline nasal spray too, which you can get in any pharmacy.  It loosens the snot and congestion in your nose.  You can use that as often as needed.

Sudafed isn't good if you have high blood pressure, which didn't you say you were getting?  
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It seems to be going up from where it was, but what about the sudafed without the pseudoephedrine in it?
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I don't know, you'd have to ask your doctor or pharmacist exactly what's in those, and if it will raise your blood pressure.

For instant clearing of your nose, I'd go with the Afrin spray, but only use it according to the directions, and for no longer than 3 days.  
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When I was pg I did have high Blood pressure and I couldn't take the sudafed....so peek is definitely right about that.  Nonpregnant I can take it sometimes..but it does make me a little light headed soemtimes..So just be careful with that.

The spray is good..but addictive!!
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about soup- it has always helped me when i was sick. it helped with congestion, and is also good for replenishing fluids, giving energy, etc... however, i would stay away from canned soup. i'm sure you're not in the mood to cook, but homemade stock is much better for you, especially now. there is so much sodium in canned soup, it can also raise your bp. the best way is the old-fashioned way- boil up some chicken bones. be careful if you decide to use canned stock in a soup, since those have tons of sodium as well.  

hope you feel better!
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this might be a complete lie that someone once told me...lol...but i've heard that "cup of soup" has been proven to cut the length of the common cold.  can't hurt to try it out!  feel better soon!!  
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