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Are there any statistics or is there any information regarding the use of Bendectin during pregnancy and problems in female children with multiple occurances of Bell's Palsy?
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I don't know of any statistics, but I do know that I took Bendectin for my morning sickness with  my first child about 8 years ago.  I had to travel about 40 minutes away to get the prescription, as they didn't carry it at any of my local pharmacies.  My ob/gyn is the one who prescribed it for me.  My family practitioner told me that it was off the market and not even supposed to be sold anywhere.
It didn't harm me or my child. It actually worked wonders!
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I used Bendectin 29 years ago during the first 5 months of my second pregnancy..It worked wonders as I had been miserably sick all day long. This stopped it completely.  I didn't think it affected our daughter at all but I could be mistaken....completely mistaken....she has had chronic pain all her life in her back, knees....ankles..well all her joints...she was finally diagnosed with Ehler's Danlos Syndrome when she was 16.  Two years ago she came down with Wegener's Granulomatosis Vasculitis which nearly killed her and it was during all the testing that went on with that they discovered she was born with Spina Bifida Occulta.  Thus the back pain which has increase tremendously the  last two years.  She lives in constant pain...has a 3 year old daughter and can't enjoy much of motherhood.  So could she have been affected..I think so.  Her illness' have  made her a million dollar girl...now on disability with medical bills out the wazoo trying to raise a daughter...they live with us.  Bendectin related?  I'd love to know!!
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I have had multiple congenital anomalies discovered thru the years. I first found out that I had 2 uteri when I was 16. I found out that I only had one kidney when I was 19. Most recently I discovered that I have a hourglass shaped gallbladder with a stricture. I have no family history of any of these malformations. I recently found out that my mother was given Bendectin when she was pregnant with me. I am currently 29 years old. I have had multiple medical complications from these malformations. I would not risk taking this medication!
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I didn't know my daughter had health issues until she was diagnosed with Elher's Danlos when she was 16.  The spinabifida occulta wasn't discovered until she was hit with Wegener's Granulomatosis Vasculitis when she was 26...we thought she was a healthy vibrant little girl...these things were just hiding in her...her complaining about her knees hurting...we thought were growing pains...Bendectin worked wonders for me too and I was so thankful to have the terrible morning sickness stopped...however....my healthy daughter now has a life-threatening issues that do not run in our family....at all.  pay attention to your child forever and don't discount the possibility that there may be hidden issues!
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I am a 43 year old woman with a severe hearing loss in both ears. My cochlea is damaged in both ears. No one is my family has this disability but me. My mother took Bendectin when she was pregnant with me from 2 months to 7 months for morning sickness. A fetus ear develops by 15 weeks which is 3 and half months along. Is there a connection between the two? I heard recently they put this drug back on the market. Please send me comments if you had a child born with deafness or some kind of hearing loss while taking Bendectin.
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Holy cow!  I am researching Bendectin related birth defects as my mother took it while she was pregnant with me in the 1980-81.  I am now 33 years old and was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome 2 years ago.  I have had lifelong joint pain issues which were attributed to growing pains back then.  I am intrigued by your comment.  I can't help but notice the similarities in my and your daughter's health problems (albeit from a brief description).  I will be contacting my doctor to see what we can do or if we can find any other correlating stories/occurances.  Thank you for sharing!

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